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Corn Flakes: Offense Change You Can Believe In

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The Heisman Poll, 10/27
Ndamukong Suh still ranks in the top five. Note to Husker fans - don't stop your support of Suh for Heisman. He can't win it, but a top five ranking would be incredible. Wouldn't you like to see him at least invited to the ceremony? - CB

Big 12 football: Hear the one about the stingy defense?
"We’re a little late getting back to Ames. We had trouble getting out of town. They arrested some of our defensive players for stealing."
Hyuk! That Paul Rhoads! If he fails at this coaching gig, he can always fall back up his stand up career! - CB - Husker players under review this week
But the Nebraska offensive coordinator also wants you to know coaches are taking serious looks at different players, different personnel groupings and different combinations to help boost a struggling offense.
Change you can believe in?

Life on the Margins: Huskers hock one up - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF - Yahoo! Sports
Rarely has a game ever been given away quite so literally. There's not much more to say about a performance like that, except that it's a wonder the Cyclones only managed nine points, even without starting quarterback Austen Arnaud and starting running back Alexander Robinson, the engines of an underrated offense through the first half of the season.

Big 12 mailbag: Rhoads vs. Chizik in Independence Bowl? - Big 12 - ESPN
Mike from Lincoln, Neb., writes: Tim, absolutely love the blog. It’s the main reason why I go to ESPN. After the first few crazy weeks of Big 12 play, who is your pick to win the Big 12 North and why?
Tim Griffin: Mike, that’s a tough one. You could make a point for any of the six teams getting hot and winning it. But I’m going to give a slight edge to Nebraska (still), even with the Cornhuskers’ struggling offense. I still like their defense as the best in the division. The key games for them will be Nov. 14 at Kansas and a Nov. 21 home date at Kansas State. I think if the Cornhuskers win those games, they still have a shot to win the North. Here’s how I would rank the North teams and their chances of winning the title right now: 1) Nebraska; 2) Kansas; 3) Kansas State; 4) Iowa State; 5) Missouri; 6) Colorado. It wouldn’t surprise me, honestly, to see any of them win the title. It’s that close.

NE - Can Bo Pull Trigger on QB Switch?
Another article calling for Green to start - Sherman: Paul doesn't deserve scapegoat treatment
Paul doesn't deserve some of what's been said this week. He's taking it on the chin in the wake of consecutive losses to Texas Tech and Iowa State. I've seen evidence in my inbox and heard it on the radio and in conversations with NU fans.
Leave Paul ALONE!!11! besides you can just blame Watson like everyone else. - Lincoln, Nebraska - Football
If Nebraska wins this week, it’s assumed the Huskers will play at either 2:30 or 7 p.m. on ABC. And while a loss by no means guarantees the NU-OU game will fall into the 11:30 a.m. slot on Versus, it makes it a greater possibility.
Oh a night game against OU. Should I be excited or scared?

Most College Football Wins (Division 1-A)
Of the 119 Division 1-A football teams, these are the 25 with the most all-time wins. How many can you name?
Go to the link and post your score in the comments. Keep in mind that you need to type out State if you want to answer Kansas State for example.