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Big 12 Cob of The Week: Niles Paul, Nebraska Coaches And Dan Hawkins Keeps His Idiot Streak Alive!

What a wretched, wretched week, and I'm not just talking about Nebraska, I'm talking about most of the Big 12 North. Well, not even the whole Big 12 North, but Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas. The three teams that was expected to win the upper half of the conference can't get out of their own way. Neither can Colorado. Or Texas Tech. Better include Texas A&M in that. And Oklahoma State for the Dez Bryant thing. And Oklahoma because their offensive line got their quarterback killed and they just suck this season.

Come to think of it, just about everything and everyone in the Big 12 sucks with the exception of Texas, Iowa State and Kansas State. The first because they keep winning. The latter because everyone thought they were jokes at the start of the season when the joke is on all of us. Maybe the media and the fans suck too.

Maybe it's just one giant season of SUCK.

You know how this works right? Every week we nominate three of the worst performances in the Big 12. You vote on them, picking the weekly winner. At the end of the year we have a Big 12 Cob of the Year, a cobapalooza, and we select the Big 12 Cob of the Year!

The way this year is going, everyone will get a chance to win, especially Dan Hawkins!

Husker Mike:

While Menelik Holt and Curenski Gilleylen also deserve mention for their dropsies against the Cyclones, my Cob of the week nomination goes to Niles Paul. I don't know if there is some sort of magnetic force field on the west sideline at the north 20 yard line as Paul fumbled the ball once again. This time, rather than resulting an opponent touchdown, it merely wiped a Husker touchdown off the board as Paul streaked towards the endzone. And in a two point Husker loss...that touchdown was the difference in the game.

Why, Niles, why? I would have believed that Holt kid. Or maybe Will Henry? But you?


Go here and see if you find anything interesting about the drive charts for the KSU/CU game. Notice anything odd at Colorado at 1:11? Yep Hawkins puts in his son to play! Nothing like ruining your starting QB's confidence. The ralphiereport breaks it down for us-

All one had to do is look at Hansen's face towards the end of the first half to see the combination of anger, sadness and frustration residing within because he was replaced perhaps when the offense needed him most. Did the coaches forget what happened in CU's last two drives just the week before? After sputtering for most of the second half against KU, the offense came alive in time to score the winning touchdown and then gain an important first down and use up 3 1/2 of the remaining few minutes to preserve a victory. Those drives were led by and starred Tyler Hansen.

So how did the younger Hawkins do? 10/23 95 yards 0 TD 2 INT. And now I have to hear about KSU leading the B12 North for another 2 weeks.

So we'll continue the CU streak of cobs and give one to Dan Hawkins for his QB decisions, again, and again.

Corn Blight:

I thought about trying to nominate Texas Tech quarterback Taylor Potts. Thought about Missouri, too, being smashed by Texas. But, unfortunately, my nomination has to be the Nebraska coaching staff. Enough of this thought that the Iowa State loss was some sort of "fluke" game because it wasn't. It was the tale of a coaching staff who had their players ready to play and another one that didn't. If you need proof of that, look here and tell me I'm wrong.

The only possible exception is Barney Cotton, whose offensive line played fairly well, didn't drop passes or turn the ball over and cut down on their mistakes (penalties) this week.

Maybe the Huskers spent all week worrying about whether or not they'd get booed again this week. That won't be a problem at Baylor, now will it?