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It's Time To Play "Rank That Turnover!" (In Other Words, Which One Was The Worst?)

It's the Monday after your favorite team tied a school record for turnovers and set another one for turnover margin. The only thing you can do today is stare at your monitor and try to remember all the stupid crap you said and did because you started drinking too much after the three turnovers in the first half. Then you spent Sunday secretly enjoying the fact that the Minnesota Vikings lost because you wanted other people to experience pain. Now you're at work and everyone is depressed, looking for answers.

Vikings fans have an easy solution. Blame Brett Favre. Husker fans - not so much. There are too many options.

Well, here at CN, we understand your pain. In an effort to assist, we've decided to run a poll that will allow you to pick the absolute worst of all of the turnovers in Saturday's game. That way you won't have to think about all of them, just the one that Husker fans collectively pick.

Then we can blame that play for being the one that ultimately lost the game for us.

For a refresher, here's the list of Nebraska turnovers:

- Roy Helu's fumble on Nebraska's first offensive play of the game

- ISU's James Smith stripped a pass from Mike McNeill, then Helu tried to get it and knocked it up in the air just enough for ISU's David Sims to intercept it.

- Niles Paul dropping the ball after doing a great job tip-toeing the sideline, a play which looked like a sure touchdown until Paul got shoe-string tripped and dropped the ball into the end zone for a touchback.

- Helu's second fumble near the Iowa State goal line in the second half.

- Dontrayevous "Tray" Robinson's fumble at the five while fighting for extra yardage.

- Menelik Holt's fumble after a pass reception

- Zac Lee intercepted after throwing high and behind Curenski Gilleylen, who got two hands on it but ultimately tipped it to an ISU defender.

- Zac Lee's interception on a bad pass with less than two minutes left in the game.

You are only allowed to vote for one turnover. Please explain your choice in the comments section.