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Corn Flakes: Still Stunned

A couple of things:
1. Turner Gill is not coming back to be NU's offense coordinator. He is a HEAD coach. No one steps down from that to be an O coordinator. The only way this would happen is if he was fired. Buffalo isn't going to fire their best head coach ever. Stop bringing it up.
2. TO is the athletic director, not the OC. I don't think he'll switch jobs and become the OC. A 15 min "talk" with Watson will not fix the offense.
3. This is not Frank Solich's, Steve Peterson's, Bill Callahan's, Bob Devany's et al. fault. Blame whoever if it make you feel better, but it's Bo's team.
4. Feel free to blame anyone on the offense though, and make sure you spread it around. There's enough suck for all.

Anyway moving on-

Big 12 power rankings - Big 12 - ESPN
7. Nebraska: Wasn’t this team supposed to be the North favorite after the conference-opening victory over Missouri? Those thoughts have dissipated in the last two weeks with embarrassing home losses. The Cornhuskers were minus-8 in turnover margin, including four inside the Iowa State 6-yard line that doomed their chances of winning. And for all of the talk about Cody Green challenging for the quarterback job, Bo Pelini and Shawn Watson seem hesitant to pull the trigger and put the freshman in the lineup in place of Zac Lee.

As The World Turns In The Big 12 North
Sammy Vegas at breaks down the "race" in the B12 North. Break out the short bus kids! Nebraska turns it over 8 times in loss to ISU
What It All Means: Don’t blame the defense. Ndamukong Suh made eight tackles with a sack and three quarterback hurries in yet another All-America effort, Iowa State gained just 239 yards, and there were just 5-of-18 third down conversions. But the offense can’t score on anyone at a BCS conference level. This is a team that’s strong enough defensively to win a Big 12 title with, but the mistakes and the sputtering two weeks in a row, and three if you dismiss the fourth quarter against Missouri, have been too much to overcome. Fortunately, Baylor is up next before dealing with Oklahoma and Kansas, but the disaster on offense has to stop now simply by holding on to the ball. - Steven M. Sipple: Suh's hype down but performance isn't
Heisman? You have to win big games to win the Heisman. He may be playing well enough, but losses at home to ISU won't win you that statue.

NE - Husker Monday Review: Iowa State
Sam (Samuel?) McKewon reviews the ISU game and talks about how all is not lost for NU.

Husker Mike's Blasphemy: Sunday Night Beer: Huskers NOT a Mirror of 2007
Our own Husker Mike (but can anyone really own him?) gives his reasons why 2009 is not a bizzaro 2007. He even has a few ideas on how to fix it. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Haunting October woes
New atop the list of signs that Nebraska football is not back or making a fast move to get there two weeks after declarations to the contrary: The Huskers have lost consecutive games in October for the fifth straight year.