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Corn Flakes: Insert 8 Joke Here

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I really didn't want to post today. You know what happened- NU turned the ball over 8 times. Everyone is stunned and/or upset.

Jayhawks likely will win mediocre Big 12 North - Kansas City Star
You have to love Whitlock. He jumps from bandwagon to bandwagon, stopping long enough to fire pot-shots at NU. So go ahead and kick a team when it's down. I'd expect nothing less from him.
Parity, mediocrity and unpredictability can be fun, especially when they combine to humble arrogant Nebraska football fans. Remember three weeks ago when a torrential downpour ruined the Nebraska-Missouri showdown, and Huskers fans proclaimed the return of their dynasty after Nebraska’s lucky victory. Nebraska fans jammed my e-mail box with angry messages because I had the audacity to suggest that the Rain Game meant nothing. When Texas Tech pounded the Huskers a week ago, I didn’t get one letter of apology. I wonder what Cornhuskers fans will say now after Saturday’s nightmare, a 9-7, eight-turnover home loss to the Iowa State Cyclones.

NE - The Buck Stops with Bo

Husker Mike's Blasphemy: Nebraska vs. Iowa State in 3 Letters: WTF

What we learned in the Big 12, Week 8 - Big 12 - ESPN
2. Nebraska's game of dropsy Saturday afternoon defied all logic. The Cornhuskers had eight turnovers -- including four fumbles inside the Iowa State 6-yard line in a tough 9-7 loss to the Cyclones. With Nebraska forcing no turnovers, the Cornhuskers’ minus-8 turnover margin was the worst in school history. But more amazingly, where was Cody Green? The ballyhooed freshman quarterback didn’t have to start the game, but his addition into the lineup for a possession or two might have provided a jump-start for the Cornhuskers' sputtering offense. Instead, Nebraska's struggles continued a trend where the Cornhuskers have produced only 20 points in their last 14 quarters against BCS opposition. Bo Pelini and Shawn Watson have their work cut out for them -- pronto.

Quarterback controversy or no, Nebraska's offense has no clothes - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF - Yahoo! Sports

ISU football: Cyclones pull off a stunner at Nebraska | | The Des Moines Register

Iowa St. forces 8 turnovers, 4 inside own 5-yard line, in upset of Nebraska - NCAA College Football Recap - ESPN - Tom Shatel - Blog: Bo is getting a bad rap - Chatelain: NU confidence is lacking in stands, in locker room - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Backbreaker illustrates Huskers' problems -Steven M. Sipple: Huskers’ hard edge diminished -Husker running backs have trouble holding on to ball - Curt McKeever: This will join annals of weird Husker games - Report card: Nebraska vs. Iowa State
OVERALL (I) Ever remember turning in an assignment that was so sloppy, so inconceivably and inexplicably bad that your teacher wrote "incomplete" and handed it back to you, asking for a re-do? Then you can understand this overall grade. Here’s guessing there’s some serious soul-searching with this team in the coming days. Who knew a crossroad to Nebraska’s season would come in Waco?

Crazy Eight and Why the Huskers Are Moving Ahead Instead of Looking Back -—
Randy York links yesterday to the "Crazy Eights" card game, and how the team needs to look forward, not back at yesterday.