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Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Iowa State Cyclones: It Could Have Been Worse!

Eight turnovers, which tie a school record. The original was on October 21st, 1967,  against Colorado when Nebraska had four fumbles and four interceptions, two of which went for touchdowns. Nebraska didn't win that game, losing 21-16. Nebraska ran up the yardage, though, 402-182 over the Buffs. Fat lot of good all that yardage did them. That was right there when ol' Bob Devaney had a 6-4 year. People wanted him fired. Fools. 

Then it happened again. Eight turnovers.  November 11th, 1972, in Ames against Iowa State when the Huskers had six fumbles and two interceptions. The game ended in a 23-23 tie. Some new coach, some upstart, Tom Osborne, had taken over the team from Bob Devaney who had just won two national titles. Osborne managed to screw it up, though, with this game, when Nebraska was trying to make it a third national title in a row. Osborne - what an idiot. 

Yesterday - worst loss ever? It could have been worse. 

Let me take a moment, on Sunday morning, to remind you (and me) why I chose the name "Corn Nation" for this site. There were two reasons: 

- First, because I started this site at the time that the great enemy of the state Steve Pederson ruled Husker Nation and it was my personal conjecture that he would sooner or later sue all sites that included "huskers" in the name unless they paid him massive amounts that I don't have to give. 

- Second, because I wanted to remind myself (most of all) and everyone else, that Husker football is something that I (we) love and cherish, something that should be loved and bring joy to our lives. Hence, "Corn Nation", somewhat of a joke on ourselves (me) of who we are and what we represent. It's a constant reminder to all of us (me, mostly) that this thing we love most (other than God, our families, friend(s), and maybe hunting or fishing) should be held in perspective and not taken so seriously it affects our relationships with our fellow human beings (unless they're from Iowa... or Missouri and Colorado, come to think of it), and that we should continue to treat each other with the respect that's deserved (even people from those aforementioned states).

So.... for now. Relax. Husker Mike's report card will come up later, but for now, all I can say is, things could have been worse: 

Unfortunately, they could have been a whole lot better: