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College Football Predictions - Week 8

After last year's offensive explosion in the Big 12, are we seeing the revenge of the defense? Or is this part of some darker plan? The following B12 QB's have been hurt- Sam Bradford, Robert Griffin, Blaine Gabbert, Taylor Potts, Steven Sheffield, Cody Hawkins, Austen Arnaud and Zac Lee.  Two injuries (Griffin and Bradford) have ended their season. Several injuries have cost their teams a win. Is this just a bad year? A regression to the mean? Is this all part of the master plan of the Lizard People to rule the world? Or is ESPN trying to ruin B12 offenses so that the SEC will always be the best conference in college football?

ESPN... Evil Sports Programing Network???

We're through the looking glass here people...

Anyway bad week for Nebraska, bad bad week for the picks. We'd better watch out or else the cats will start picking the games.

Last week

Last Week




Husker Mike 2-7
46-18 29-35
Corn Blight 3-6
42-22 26-38
JLew 5-4
44-20 21-43


On to the picks!

Colorado (+4) @ Kansas State

Mike: Suddenly, this game is a lot more interesting than I thought it would be.  And still just as confusing.  Both teams changed quarterbacks in recent weeks, sparking the offense.  But I'm still reminded that it's Bill Snyder, who engineered the greatest turnaround in college football, versus Dan Hawkins.  Kansas State 35, Colorado 27

JLew: Ugh I suppose the stories about KSU being first in the B12 North are payback for all the NU fan's talk about winning the North after the Missouri game. Expect another week of that, even though they are in first because of a BYE. It is interesting that Phil Steele picked the North to go Nebraska, K-State, Colorado then KU or MU and ISU. Enjoy your stay at the top cats. KSU 28 CU 21.

Corn Blight: Throw a dart, hit a balloon, you’re a winner!!!! What kind of psychotic human being would bet on this game? Kansas State is at home. KSU 28, CU 21

Oklahoma (-8) @ Kansas

Mike:  Yes, I know OU has lost 3 games this season, but come on. If there's a cure for the Oklahoma offense, it's the Kansas defense.  And frankly, the Jayhawk offense had enough problems last week against Colorado.  Sooners 42, Jayhawks 17

JLew: What if we combined KU's offense with NU's defense? I'd like that team, though who'd be the coach? KU get's back Sharp at RB but KU is going to have to throw it deep to win. Shouldn't matter. OU 35 KU 24

Corn Blight: The Sooner D shut down Texas pretty well, and they’ll do the same to the Jayhawks, even on the road. Oklahoma 38, Kansas 28

Oklahoma State (-10) @ Baylor

Mike:  Well, Baylor gave it a good run in September.  Cowboys 31, Da Bearsh 10

JLew: Um yeah, Baylor... anyway... How ridiculous is it that the NCAA suspended Bryant? He didn't break any rules, he just thought he did and lied, but he didn't break any rules! Good thing the NCAA is looking out for the players. OSU 30 Baylor 16

Corn Blight: Oklahoma State is good at beating up the ones they’re supposed to beat. Kind of like that bully you knew two grades above you who used to kick your ass until you grew up to be just as big as he was, and then payback came. Baylor hasn’t grown up yet, unfortunately. Oklahoma State 40, Baylor 24

Texas (-13.5) @ Mizzou

Mike:  Blaine Gabbert's sore ankle is no match for his broken heart after being dumped by Jason Whitlock.  What is it about Mizery's quarterbacks and these mancrushes?  Last year, it was Chase Daniel and Colt McCoy.

Chase Daniel's Ass-essment of Colt McCoy (via OFFSIDESwithLSUfreek)
In any event... Horns 27, Tiggers 21

JLew: How long does Missouri keep Gabbert playing with a bad ankle? Why not just take the loss and let be heal up? I mean Missouri should be able to learn on their outstanding running game... Oh yeah right. What's up with McCoy this year as well? He looks off. Still Texas should beat the Tigers, Texas 27 Missouri 17

Corn Blight: I’d really like to pick this one in Missouri’s favor. Tired of hearing about the Big 12 South, plus it’s about time for Texas to fall. Unfortunately, only in my dreams. Texas doesn’t cover, though, and BON continues to go nuts about Greg Davis. Texas 30, Missouri 24

Texas A&M (+21) @ Texas Tech

Mike:  The Nebraska defensive line claimed another quarterback, with Steven Sheffield now out for the Raiders.  But Taylor Potts should be able to handle the Aggies, and the Tech defensive line is underrated. That's bad news for Jerrod Johnson who's been exposed in recent weeks.  Red Raiders 59, Aggies 9

JLew: Texas Tech really looks to be hitting their stride. A&M looks to be lost and struggling. I really don't see any change this week. Raiders 48 Aggies 14

Corn Blight: It’s at Lubbock and everyone there hates the Aggies. The biggest question mark in this game is what incident we’ll hear about after the game, ala Mike Leach making fun of Sherman, or the cadets, or Tech fans trying to kill some Aggies. Red Raiders 84, Aggies 10

Iowa State (+18) @ Nebraska

Mike:  The Huskers desperately need to find an offense.  The Cyclones aren't far off from being 3-0 in conference play, just some special teams blunders.  This game will be much closer than the oddsmakers think.  Huskers 20, Cyclones 10

JLew: I'm going to pump some sun shine. NU gets the offense going, the defense stones the ISU running game, and Arnaud who is playing hurt struggles from the constant pressure from the Nebraska D-Line. NU rolls and everyone relaxes a little this week. NU 37 ISU 13

Corn Blight: I think we’ve been fairly non-critical of Shawn Watson so far this season, but if the offense can’t get it’s crap together this game, well... that’ll change in a hurry. Wishful thinking and positive energy from me, though. Huskers 35, Iowa State 7