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Against Iowa State - It's About More than Just Cody Green vs. Zac Lee

In the case of Green vs Lee, it'll be a game day discovery against Iowa State. So says Bo Pelini, head dude in charge. No one has been told what's going to happen with the quarterback situation, so we're in a position to speculate as well as the regular media guys who are supposed to know what's going on. 

In a pure game day sense, there's not a huge difference between the choices. Lee has only started six games - half a season's worth. Obviously, that's not a lot of starting experience and fans should take that into consideration when watching this offense. 

Fans have asked for Cody Green to get a start and I like that idea. I liked how he ran stood tall and stepped up in the pocket, something Zac Lee had a problem with against Texas Tech. 

Green's passes were... well, all over the place. A few sailed on him, but that's what you get with a kid that has been on campus less than a year. He's raw and he's going to make mistakes. The best thing Husker fans can do is have the patience that goes along with the growing pains.

What I'd like to see is for Green and Lee to split series against Iowa State. Those that prescribe to the "having two quarterbacks means you have none" theory will be disgusted, but both can use more seasoning. Seasoning comes only with game day experience, as we've found out this week from Shawn Watson

Shawn Watson's still needs to find that third running back I talked about before the season began. Rex Burkhead proved himself to be worthy of carries as a true freshmen, but we still know nothing about the other backs on the depth chart. Austin Jones got a couple chances last week, but but both plays were so poorly executed that he was unable to gain much yardage. Fans should be watching for Lester Ward, Collins Okafor or Dontrayevous Robinson to get some shots this weekend. 

There was a ton of talk before the season about the depth and talent of Nebraska's tight ends, yet the group has only 23 receptions between them, 14 of those belonging to Mike McNeill. After so much hype the tight ends seem like an afterthought, as if they're throwing the ball to them the way you'd give the dog a bone to keep it quiet. 

You wouldn't know it if the only game you saw this season was last week's against Texas Tech, but Nebraska's offense has talent. It has not yet come together as there are so many questions still unanswered. Better late than never is the cliche' - if halfway through the season can still be considered late - but this weekend would be a darned good time for the answers to be found.