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Update on CN's 2009 College Pick 'Em Game

The winner this week is 'george' with a 10-2 record.

A huge number of people went 6-6, and I, your incredibly great pick 'em guy went 2-10. 2-10. Wow. That's worse than sucking. I could have gone 6-6 just doing the default picks (using the system to pick and not entering my own). Maybe that's the best course of action for me. 

I now stand tied at 66th out of 115 people. Thank God I don't bet on any of this stuff, Mrs CN would have me tossed. 

Last week's winner was "Man Against the World" with a 5-1 record. So, 'george' and 'Man Against the World' can contact me for a free Corn Nation T-Shirt, as modeled below by Klaus Bierbauch. 


Don't forget what we're playing for! The grand prize winner will receive a copy of the 1995 National Championship Season DVD Box Set from our affiliate Best of Big Red



Oh, and those Corn Nation T-Shirts? They're now on sale