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Big 12 Cob Of The Week: Aggies, Jayhawks and Huskers - Is that a hint of accusation in your eye?

I was thinking about nominating Corn Blight for his earlier post about getting rid of the black shirts, but I have a feeling he'd ban me for a week or two, so we'll just let that one go. He clearly needs to drink more kool-aid. Or get a better attitude.

Once again this week there's plenty of poor performances to go around. If Husker fans think they've got it bad with that performance against Texas Tech, well, how'd you like to be Kansas or Texas A&M this week? If those aren't weird enough, what about Kansas State? Talk about your mood swings.

And nobody nominated the Big 12 North after we've all figured out that we're the last year's ACC? Wow. You guys need to pick it up a notch.


Oh Texas A&M. I feel like the college junior consoling a freshman who just realized they are dating a crazy person. Trust me when I say we have been in your place before and let me tell you, it's not going to end well. Sure it's fun running the score up on UAB, those times are great, but let me guess, a great offense (at least against lower division foes), but a horrible defense that was once proud? Close losses to ranked teams? You convince yourself to look at the positives- but then comes the blowouts. Hey like I said we have been there.

But really, losing 62-14 to a KSU team that had lost 66-14 the week before? How does that happen? You even managed to fail so hard that Snyder even called the dogs off in the third quarter. He'd run up the score against his own kids in family touch football game after Thanksgiving. And now because of you KSU sits a top the B12 North standings. I think you need to take this cob and have a long hard look at your relationships with your coaches.

Husker Mike:

Going into the season, everybody knew that the Jayhawks had some issues on defense. But in the first half, the offense was perhaps even worse. Todd Reesing turned the ball over twice and helped the Buffies jump to a 24-3 lead. That's not a misprint: Colorado led KU 24-3 in the 2nd quarter. Kansas made a nice comeback and even took the lead late, only to somehow allow Tyler Hansen and Rodney Stewart to drive the field to retake the lead. Then Kerry Meier gets flagged for pass interference, nullifying a potential game-winning touchdown. Losing to the 2009 Buffies? If that ain't Cob-worthy, I don't know what is.

Corn Blight:

Oh, lookie. I get to be the SOB that picks Nebraska. That's sure to win me some points with those fans who believe you should never say anything negative about the Huskers. If I keep this up, sooner or later I'll get accused of having a hidden agenda against Tom Osborne.

But someone has to keep us honest, right? So this week I'm nominating the Nebraska offense, as if that's some big shock. In fact, I'm going to split my nomination into two parts, neither of which are designed to make anyone happy.

The first part is the offense itself. It wasn't good. I don't have to go into anymore other than to say that we're not going to win a lot more games if we don't get it straightened out. Whether it's Zac Lee or Cody Green, someone has to make plays and score some points, preferably touchdowns.

The second is us, the fans. We knew coming into this season we had a new starter at quarterback and a bunch of unproven receivers. Maybe it's our fault for having such high expectations of a crew when we knew that they would struggle in the first place. Are we blaming someone else for our unanswered prayers? I might be as guilty of this as anyone. Is that a hint of accusation in your eyes?