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Corn Flakes: Carl-fense!

Steve Sipple: NU Has Psychological Edge on Mizzou (Lincoln Journal-Star)
The Husker football team is following the party line, and not acknowledging that the Missouri game is something more than the next game.

Is Nebraska Back (Part 3) - Nebraska Football
Ignore the title, that's not what the post is about, it talks about Missouri statistically-
The total picture thus far is that while Washington can be productive, he doesn't frighten you the way a Roy Helu would. Gabbert's numbers and production are hard to ignore. He's averaged over 310 total yards and produced 13 touchdowns in 4 games, without an interception. That's impressive even against weak opposition. Danario Alexander is scary and so is Jared Perry and to a lesser extent Wes Kemp.

Breakfast with Carl
Carl-fense! Some notes about the MU game, Thenarse, Steinkuhler, Dillard, and if he thought VaTech were bad tacklers.

ABC adds 2:30 pm Telecast to Big XII Schedule on Oct. 17th - Omaha World-Herald
ABC added a 2:30 pm telecast for games on October 17th. (That's Texas Tech weekend.) Previously, only FSN at 6 pm and ESPN at 8:15 pm were designated for television. I'm betting that Nebraska pushed back on playing at 8:15 pm again.