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Corn Flakes: Back to Work

NU falls out of the rankings with the loss. Not much to talk about in the links. The team knows what it has to do. It'll be interesting to see how they respond. Let's not forget that not too long ago CU looked to be dead in the water, and KSU was getting bombed by Tech. Both manged to recover. Nebraska gets sacked by Texas Tech
What It All Means: Outside of a wild fourth quarter against Missouri, the offense hasn’t produced against a BCS team this year. It couldn’t get into the end zone against Virginia Tech, it struggled for most of the game against Mizzou, and it was a disaster against Texas Tech and its pass rush. The Husker defense did its job with a great pass rush and nice production, keeping the Red Raiders to just 259 yards, but the offense didn’t pick up the slack with no big pass plays down the field. Cody Green tried to get the offense moving in place of Zac Lee, but he didn’t do much better. This was a bad loss, but it was against a team from the South. The North is still there for the taking, and it should be easy to get back on track with Iowa State coming to Lincoln next week. CFN Ranking Of Every Team - Week 7
Why the ranking is too high: The offense was great against the three Sun Belt teams on the schedule, but outside of a 20-point burst in the fourth quarter against Missouri, it hasn't produced much against the BCS league teams. The Texas Tech loss had better be nothing more than a bad week.
Why the ranking is too low: The defense really is that good. It did a great job of keeping Texas Tech under wraps after an early burst. If the offense can get back on track against Iowa State and Baylor, the Huskers have an honest shot of beating Oklahoma. - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - The Big Red is seeing yellow
In its three games against BCS opponents, the Nebraska offense has been penalized 21 times for 154 yards. The offense was flagged eight times for 60 yards in the 31-10 loss Saturday when it hardly could afford to go backward considering its obvious problems going forward. - Steven M. Sipple: Rough on the refs
I admire that Pelini fights for his team. He’s a strong-willed competitor and a passionate person in general. It’s what helps make him an excellent coach and leader. But there’s a difference between "working" the officials and directing tirades against them. I’m uncomfortable with the latter because: - Green calm while NU tries to figure out offense

NE - Husker Monday Review: Texas Tech

Nebraska/Iowa State Opening Line

How Not To Win The Big 12 North

Big 12 power rankings - Big 12 - ESPN
6. Nebraska: What a difference a week makes. We’re not hearing about Nebraska’s offensive comebacks, or Ndamukong Suh’s Heisman Trophy chances after the Cornhuskers’ stunning 31-10 home loss to Texas Tech. Now, we’re hearing about a potential change at quarterback to Cody Green, why the Cornhuskers can’t run the ball and if their offense really can consistently produce against Big 12 defenses. The Cornhuskers’ schedule turns easier with games against Iowa State and Baylor in the next two weeks, but they need to build some continuity before November games that will decide the North title.

The Sky Is Not Falling - Nebraska Football
It's not so much the loss, it's the lack of offense, and consistent problems. I'd feel a whole lot better if NU had some answers for all the questions on offense.