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Nebraska vs. Texas Tech Postgame Overreaction -Reset The Season

Just so you know, this is actually an overreaction. In the past few weeks, I've tried to do more actual analysis, taking a look at the game and how it happened. Not today (Zerg). This is a complete overreaction. It is. I wouldn't lie to you. 

Today I'm especially disgusted, as you should be, by the performance of the Husker offense. 

Bottom line - we sucked. Offensively we sucked in nearly every part of the game, and there is plenty of suck to go around. Let's get something straight - if we're going to cheer Husker heroes when we're winning, we should be prepared to beat on them a little bit when they suck. And suck they did.

- This one can be chalked up to taking it for granted. Niles Paul drops a pass that's a lateral, watches it roll while Tech picks it up to run for a free touchdown. The stupidity of that play cannot be described here. I'm sure Bo Pelini has described it to someone.... well, probably everyone on that team. And well he should, because it doesn't fit with his philosophy - play all the time, every time, and we win.

- We saw a reset today. Cody Green replaced Zac Lee, and it wasn't in garbage time. The only touchdown of the game came from Green to Khiry Cooper. Oh, don't recognize those names? Whatever. Who starts next week at QB and WR? 

- Hey, nice job Ricky Henry! So, that's what they mean by "fiery" - hitting people after the whistle has stopped. Good job of costing us the red zone. If you're the best right guard we have, we are totally screwed in the running game. Do us the favor of having a brain transplant or not seeing the field again. 

- And sticking with Henry.... this is a subject I want to avoid - Barney Cotton as offensive line coach. I tend to believe professionals make better choices than I would, but holy crap, can this offensive line suck much worse than they already do? What the hell is Cotton teaching them? To stand around watching guys get tackled?  

- Defense - can you be blamed much? Hmmmm.. no. Early on, the 7-for-7 for 93 yards that Sheffield had can be excused on luck and coaching. But the rest? Let's give it up for Texas Tech -their quarterback Sheffield played very well, as did their receivers. 

- Bottom line - we're going to watch the Nebraska media this week beat the shit out of Shawn Watson. They already started it last week, so they're going to start piling on more this week. Heads up - I like Shawn Watson. I like his offense. I like multiple. Other coaches, like maybe the guy who's in charge of the line - not so much maybe. That's not Shawn Watson's fault. It's Pelini's call as to who coaches the line. Not Watson. Keep that in mind.