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College Football Predictions - Week 7

Maybe we are still recovering from the late Thursday night last week, (we're old people, and we all have kids! it takes a while to recover), or maybe it's the head cold that just won't leave me, but we're scrambling to get this post up. Scrambling like Gabbert, and hopefully scrambling like Sheffield and/or Potts?

Just an awesome week for the Corn Nation team. In addition to going almost perfect in the picks, we did quite well against the spread, and we won our bet with Rock M Nation. And the Huskers won. There's that too.

Last week

Last Week




Husker Mike 9-0
44-11 29-26
Corn Blight 8-1
39-16 24-31
JLew 9-0
39-16 19-36


Don't let this excellence fool you these picks are for entertainment purposes only, mostly ours.

 Baylor (+2) @ Iowa State

Husker Mike: If not for missed extra points, the 'Clones could be 2-0 in Big XII play.  Baylor gave the Sooners a bit of a fight last week.  Baylor 21, Iowa State 19

JLew: Is ISU figuring out an offense, or is KU just horrible on defense? ISU wins one for the North! Bears: 24 Tornados 28

Corn Blight:  I have faith that Iowa State will defend their home turf. ISU 24, Baylor 21

Kansas (-9.5) @ Colorado

Husker Mike: Colorado's defense has been alternatively bad (Toledo, West Virginia) and good (Wyoming, Texas). Colorado's offense has been consistently bad, and can't even make up their mind as to which bad quarterback to bench.  Kansas, on the other hand, has a bad defense but a pretty potent offense.  This looks like a week for "bad defense" on my calendar.  Kansas 56, Colorado 21

JLew: KU has a nice schedule to start the year huh? Best win is against Southern Miss, who is at 3-3. Well KU stays undefeated, and Hawkins "forgets" about the media conference call again on Monday. KU 45 CU 28

Corn Blight: Colorado. Bah. Kansas scores lots, Colorado's offense can't unless it's for the other team. It's like a double whammy! Kansas 42, Colorado 17

Missouri (+7) @ Oklahoma State

Husker Mike: Both teams have underwhelmed ever since the Labor Day weekend.  But I think the Tigers have fewer questions than the Cowboys.  Mizery 27, Pokes 24

JLew: Can Missouri recover from the 4th quarter? How is Gabbert's ankle? Will Missouri find a running game? I have more questions for Missouri than I do OSU. Jaundice Cowboys 31 Sad Tigers 24

Corn Blight: No Dez Bryant, no defense, Missouri wanting to prove themselves against an opponent that's at least perceived as decent. Missouri's defense exists, OSU's doesn't. Missouri 35 Oklahoma State 31

Texas A&M (-5.5) @ Kansas State

Husker Mike: A&M has been exposed in recent weeks, and we knew going in that the Wildcats would struggle this season. Not sure what to think of this one.  A&M 23, K-State 17

JLew; ATM reminds me of Nebraska under Callahan, good offense against bad teams, and no defense. Stop copying us Texas A&M! The KC Star said that KSU's defense will have a better showing this week. But they didn't give any reasons why. Regression to the mean? Super secret strategy? Ace up Snyder's sleeve? Magic? Won't matter KSU is bad people. Aggies 38 Aggievillians  23

Corn Blight: It is hard to gauge, but KSU doesn't have much of an offense. At least A&M can score. I'd really like to pick KSU, but I'm going with the Aggies. Sigh. Texas A&M 27, KSU 21

South Carolina (+17) @ Alabama

Husker Mike: 'Ol Ball Coach gets it handed to him.  'Bama 31, South Carolina 9

JLew: Bama is the best team in the nation. Ugh I just threw up a little in my mouth. Tide 28 Cocks 10

Corn Blight: Yeh, ‘Bama! Ass kicking, this one is about the spread, isn't it? I hate you guys. Tide 31, Cocks 14 (Bama wins but doesn't cover. Ha on you Nick Saban!)

Southern Cal (-10) @ Notre Dame

Husker Mike: The absurd "Jimmy Clausen for Heisman" campaign ends on Saturday.  It won't be as bad as Clausen's start at Meechigan in 2007, but it won't be good either... USC 38, Notre Dame 17

Jimmy Clausen for Heisman (via hemphrey)

JLew: Stir the echoes! Wake up Rudy! Put on green jerseys! Replay the Bush Push a millions times! And this will still be an awful game. Trojans 34 Domers 21

Corn Blight: I'm not completely sold on USC winning this game. They're not that great on offense. Ah, hell, who am I kidding. USC 38, Notre Dame 24.

Virginia Tech (-3.5) @ Georgia Tech

Husker Mike: The Hokies might be ready to start shifting into overdrive.  VT 35, GT 14

JLew: So is VaTech's offense good? People keep saying it's not, and then they drop 35 by half on BC. Tech keeps creeping back into the National Tile discussion. Va 28 Georgia 21

Corn Blight: Hokies are on the road, not as dominant as at home, which is why this spread is so tight. They'll need the points. First one to 24 wins. Hokies 24, Georgia Tech 21

Texas (-3.5) vs. Oklahoma at the Texas State Fair

Husker Mike: Here's my take:  BYU, Tulsa, Miami, and Baylor all might be better opponents than anybody Texas has played.  The debate is who's better:  Baylor/Tulsa or Texas Tech.  Big Game Bob strikes again:  Sooners 38, Bovines 31

JLew: Can you still call him "Big Game"? Maybe it should be downgraded to "Medium Game Bob"? Quiet week leading up to this game. If OU beats Texas, oh what a mess that would make. I think Texas answers the bell, so to speak and beats OU. Horns 30 Land Thieves 20

Corn Blight: Mike is right - Texas hasn't played anyone. Still, they've been focused on this game for so long, it'll be hard to imagine them losing it. I can see Oklahoma getting the best of them, though. Sam Bradford's return will help spark an offense, and the defense will be geared to destroy Colt McCoy's Heisman dreams. Oklahoma 28, Texas 24

Texas Tech (+10) @ Nebraska

Husker Mike: This one concerns me, because Nebraska is coming off a high after a 4th quarter win against Mizzou while Tech may have turned their season around by switching quarterbacks.  I get the feeling that fans may be overconfident this week, but I'm not sure that applies to the team.  Former Husker Damon Benning has talked repeatedly about this staff teaching this team to play "in the moment"...i.e. ignoring what happened last week or what could happen next week.  That was useful after last year's Missouri and Oklahoma games, but now that philosophy gets put into use after a big win.  I'm expecting this one to be closer than the oddsmakers think.  Nebraska 31, Texas Tech 24.

JLew; I share in your concerns and I agree that the team sounds focused though. I keep hearing how Tech is now healthy. I'm really hoping that we find out that the NU defense is really good, and Lee continues to improve. I'm also thinking that Texas Tech won't get the offense humming with a new QB, on the road and players returning after injury. NU 35 TT 24

Corn Blight: Playing at home makes a big difference. Zac Lee and his offense will be much more comfortable. I look for him to have a good day (high completion rate) and keep Tech's offense off the field as much as possible. Defense - the front four bottle up the run game. Nebraska 31, Texas Tech 21