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Big 12 Cob Of The Weak - Rout 66, Iowa State PAT's and Dan Hawkins Continues As Conference Idiot

It's that time of the week again! Time to vote for your candidate for the worst performance in the Big 12 last week.

There are times at which it's hard to come up with nominations... like the non-conference season when everyone plays a blind high school team on the same weekend. Now that we're in Big 12 conference play, there's no need to fear the lack of nominations!

I especially can't wait for next week! Will the mighty Sooners or Longhorns be amongst the candidates? After all that hype, you know something stupid is going to happen!

Corn Blight:

I really really really don't want to do this. I don't, but I don't feel like I have a choice because Dan Hawkins continues to be such an idiot that he cannot be ignored.

Not only does Dan Hawkins burn Tyler Hansen's redshirt mid-way for the second year in a row, but he throws Hansen into a game where the Buffs are behind to the second-ranked team in the nation. In the fourth quarter. Apparently so that Colorado will only lose ten games this season instead of 11.

Sad thing is, it's so bad in Colorado that this news has excited the Buff fan base.

My fear is that Colorado is going to dominate the Big 12 COTW every week for the rest of the season. Should we give them a break from nominations at some point, or does that ruin the reason for having an award in the first place?


My cob of the week goes to the K-State defensive effort against Texas Tech, hereby called Rout 66. The loss left TB at Bring on the Cats with nothing to point to positively and the KSU college paper, The Collegian, to wonder if Snyder should have stayed retired, rather than tarnish his legacy.

Snyder commented that he'd never seen anything like it, and it was the third worst loss for a Snyder-coached team. One telling stat, considering the changes in defense as the Red Raiders' margin became more pronounced, kicker Donnie Carona tied for Tech's team lead in tackles with five, playing merely on the kickoff team. Hold on wait, I think Tech just scored again....

Husker Mike:

I'm thinking Iowa State's special teams. Missing three straight extra points cost you two games this season; the Clones could actually be leading the North. Maybe special teams coaching comes in year two of a new coaching staff?