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CBS Sports Blog Poll Week 7 - Didn't Watch A Single Game So I Need YOUR Help!

Hey, guess what! I did not watch a single college football game this weekend. No, instead, I spent all day Saturday at a Boy Scout Camp in 40-degree temperature with a blustery 25-35 mph wind blowing around, then spent that night camping in below freezing temperatures. Worst part - there were too many Scouts at the camp and we were not allowed to start fires.

Whooooooeeeee! Tell you what, when you get up the next day, you have the best bacon, eggs and sausages you've ever had. The coffee is great, too! 

What this really means is this week I'm playing the part of a football coach. I didn't watch games. They don't watch games. Yet, we're still going to vote. While they may have SIDs who vote for them, I'm betting those SIDs aren't watching any football games either. 

However, I have one thing on my side that they do not - you! YOU watched college football games this past weekend. You have it in your power to correct me. Who corrects the college coaches? No one! No one can because they don't even reveal their votes, yet mine are right here for you to scorn.

So have at it! 

Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Alabama
3 Texas
4 Virginia Tech
5 Boise State
6 Southern Cal
7 Ohio State
8 Miami (Florida)
10 Nebraska
11 Kansas
12 Oklahoma State
13 Mississippi
14 Cincinnati
15 Oregon
16 Oklahoma
17 LSU
18 Brigham Young
19 Georgia Tech
20 South Florida
21 Georgia
22 Arkansas
23 South Carolina
24 Penn State
25 Utah