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Corn Flakes Knows Who's the Favorite in the North

Dave Matter is "Empyting the Notebook" at
Here's an eyeful: "I’ll say this much for Bo Pelini’s team: If Nebraska is just average on offense but gets the same kind of play from its D-line, there’s not a team on its schedule it cannot beat. Now, that doesn’t mean the Huskers are going 8-0 and have already punched a ticket to Dallas. By no means at all. Other than a Nov. 14 trip to Kansas, the most challenging game left on the schedule figures to be a Nov. 7 home game against Oklahoma. The way it’s playing now, OU’s O-line will have a loooooong day protecting Sam Bradford from Suh." Blogpoll Week 5 Synopsis
Husker Mike risked the wrath of the Coulter/Kos curse the last two weeks by ranking Nebraska much higher the rest of the bloggers. I'm thinking that Thursday night may change some of those other bloggers minds.

There is no favorite in Big 12 North - Kansas City Star
The national media are overreacting to Nebraska’s victory over the Tigers. Beyond Suh, the Huskers showed me nothing on Thursday. If Bo Pelini insists on letting offensive coordinator Shawn Watson implement the Bill Callahan, pass-first offense, Nebraska is going to get smacked twice — against Tech and Oklahoma — before it ever gets to Lawrence. The Huskers, 4-1, got lucky in Columbia. They were bailed out by the weather, Blaine Gabbert’s injured right ankle and Mizzou’s horizontal running game. Nebraska has yet to prove it is better than the Tigers or the Jayhawks.
Oh Whitlock why do you hate NU? You wanted Freeman to go anywhere but NU, and every year you jump bandwagon from KU to MU to even KSU depending on who is winning. I'll just say this Defense wins championships, and I wonder what the headline would have been if Missouri had made that comeback? - The Omaha World-Herald: Big Red Today - Players say there's lots of work ahead for Nebraska
NU needs to make sure that they don't have a let down for Tech. I really have a hard time seeing Pelini allowing the team to do this. They need to keep getting better. -Steven M. Sipple: Suh worthy of Heisman invitation
Here’s some unsolicited feedback for the big man: Get your favorite suit and tie pressed and ready because you’re playing at a level that warrants an invitation to the Heisman Trophy ceremony Dec. 12 in New York. - Todd Henrichs: NU considering Thursday game next year
So NU fans would you like to see a Thurs. Night game net year in Lincoln? - Pelini, Watson check in on QB recruit Gabbert
Yes, Gabbert is still committed to Nebraska. Nebraska roars back to beat the Tigers
What It All Means: After the way the team couldn't close out against Virginia Tech, it got the confidence boost it needed with a dominant fourth quarter as the momentum swung its way on the 27-point run. This showed that the offense can get shut down, shut out, and stopped cold, and with a few key plays and the help of a defense that didn't allow the Tigers to move the ball at all in the second half. There were 12 penalties, the long snapping needs a ton of work, and the offense couldn't seem to handle the rough weather, but it was a huge win that makes Nebraska the leader in the race for the Big 12 North.

Big 12 helmet stickers: Week 6 - Big 12 - ESPN
Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh: Produced six tackles (five solo, one assist), forced a fumble, notched a sack, produced a pass deflection and produced a huge interception to spark Nebraska’s 27-12 victory over Missouri. It was a performance that Nebraska defensive coordinator Carl Pelini called the best he had ever seen a defensive lineman have. 2009-2010 Bowl Projections ... Oct. 11
AT&T Cotton Bowl January 2, Arlington TX, 2 pm Fox Big 12 No. 2 vs. SEC Projection: Nebraska vs. Auburn Volleyball- Huskers roll past Kansas State
NU beat Kansas State 25-13, 25-19, 25-18 at the sold-out NU Coliseum.