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Saturday Open Thread

Some interesting games this weekend. You may have heard that Tebow may be playing, and Bradford will be back for OU. ESPN mentioned something about that, every 5 mins.

If you watched College Game Day, I'm sorry. I had to turn it off once they showed Weis whining about not being ranked, and then had Clausen talk about the Heismen. No mention of Suh for the award.

You can watch KU take on ISU, (KU fans will tell you that ISU played Iowa which beat Penn St which means that ISU is a good test) on Versus provided your cable or satellite provider has that fly-by-night channel.

You can scout Texas Tech as they take on KSU later tonight.

Or you can count how many bud light commercials you see. (It's a Grooler!)

Blight is off with some scouts, I have the kids as the wife is at a conference so I won't be on much, but Husker Mike maybe dropping in.

What games are you watching? Who do you want to see?