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College Football Predictions - Week 5

Oklahoma and Miami have the biggest match up this week - the winner of which will go on to be talked about while the loser will shuffle off into the distance. Funny thing is - if Miami loses does anyone down there care? They barely show up as it is. 

The season's scheduling has turned out just right for me. Nebraska gets a bye, I got a Cub Scout camp out. Nebraska gets a Thursday night game - I got another Cub Scout camp out. It couldn't have worked out any better. 

The standings from last week and overall from the season

Last week

Last Week




Husker Mike 8-1 5-4 31-9 21-19
Corn Blight 6-3 4-5 28-12 16-24
JLew 6-3 4-5 26-14 11-19


Husker Mike continues his ownership of this fellow bloggers. I continue to hemorrhage money with my picks against the spread.  I don't understand how I'm beating them in the group pickem though...

Texas A&M (+1) vs. Arkansas @ The Death Star
(props to the Sports Guy for a name besides "Jerry World", let's spread it around people)

Husker Mike:  A&M finally has to play a real team.  Arkansas tries to recover from the Tide rolling in.  More bad news for the Big XII.  Piggies 38, Aggies 24

Jlew: Does A&M have a defense? How good is their offense, really? I'm not liking the Aggies in this one, first real opponent will expose them. ATM 30 Hogs 37

Corn Blight:  I'm not sold on Arkansas. Never have been. I'm not sold on Texas A&M under Sherman, either, but I'm going to pick them. Neither team has a solid defense, but if Aggies can stop the Hogs from running....Texas A&M  45, Arkansas 42

Kansas State (+2.5) vs. Iowa State @ Arrowhead

Husker Mike: Plenty of tickets available for "Farmageddon" last count, less than 40,000 sold.  Iowa State is starting the slow climb back up, while Kansas State is still trying to figure out how much damage Ron Prince did.  Clones 27, Puddytats 7

Jlew: Farmageddon?!? Really this is what you come up with? Really though half of schools in the B12 are land-grant institutions, which were created with a focus on Agriculture, Engineering, and Military tactics. They are Nebraska, ISU, Missery, KSU, OSU, and ATM. See people you can learn things here at Corn Nation! 
Oh and KSU gets beat down. Clowns 24 Cats 10 

Corn Blight: Iowa State seems to be getting themselves together. Kansas State, still looking for things to stick. A KSU victory would hurt ISU moral badly.  Does anyone care? Iowa State 28, Kansas State 21

Oklahoma (-7) @ Miami

Husker Mike: The Sooners are still waiting to see if Sam Bradford's ready to play yet.  Even if he isn't, the Sooners should be able to handle the Canes, who were exposed by Virginia Tech last week.  Soondoggies 31, Canes 13

Jlew:    IS THE U BACK?!? Do you think Miami bloggers ask themselves that question after every game? I don't think so. Big Red Bloggers -  you could learn something from them. OU defense plays like VaTech's and crushes Miami. People begin to ask the question is OU back?
OU 27 the U 17

Corn Blight:  One of these two teams is going to get a big boost, the other one is going to drop like a rock, especially on a weekend without many marquee games. Everyone will be watching to see what happens. It's Oklahoma's turn to earn their ranking. Losing this will be a big blow to the Big 12.   Oklahoma 31, Miami 21

New Mexico (+36) @ Texas Tech

Husker Mike: Two teams in turmoil.  Tech's Mike Leach banned Twitter, suspended one of his top players, and couldn't even be on time to meetings this week.   New Mexico's Mike Locksley was reprimanded this week for punching wide receivers coach J.B. Gerard last week.  The heck with the game, let's put the coaches in the ring.  @TalkLikeAPirate 42, @MMA_Lobo 3

Jlew:   Will Leach even show up for the game on time? Hell people you can't expect pirates to be punctual. A pirate shows up exactly at the time he was supposed to show up and not a moment too late. Tech wins but does not cover.

Tech 34 New Mexico 14  

Corn Blight:   If Texas Tech has any problems with this one, they can kiss a good season good bye. Mike Leach needs to show he's got things under control. Texas Tech 38, New Mexico 10

Arkansas State (+21) @ Iowa

Husker Mike: The Red Wolves return to the heartland to take on the Squawks who suddenly find themselves adored by the national media.  There's your kiss of death.  Squawks 24, Wolves 10

Jlew: Ferentz continues his master plan to be an overrated head coach by beating an over-rated B10 team. He'll then go on to do nothing much of anything the rest of the year, and the University of Iowa will pay him more money. Repeat as necessary.
Ark St 17 Iowa  42

Corn Blight:  Iowa - good defense on the road against Penn State. Why the hell aren't we playing Iowa on a more regular basis?  I would love to see us break their hearts. 
Iowa 28, Arkansas State 10

Colorado (+17) @ West Virginia

Husker Mike:Well, Dan Hawkins technically doesn't have to start looking for excuses until after this game.  Mountaineers 38, Buffies 13

Jlew: Colorado on national TV? This should go well. The burner gets turned back on the Hawk.
West Virgina, Mountain Momma, take me home, country roads 34
When my ship comes in, gonna sail right out of Colorado, 17

Corn Blight:  This would be a nice win for the Big 12, should Colorado be able to pull it off. The non-conferences chances are running out. Too bad the Hawk hasn't gotten his team more ready for football - they're still trying to find answers on offense, although I have some faith that they're figuring out the defense. Win but no cover for the Mountaineers.  West Virginia 31, Colorado 21