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BCS National Title Game: Florida Gators vs Oklahoma Sooners Game Day Open Thread


#1 vs #2!

Florida vs Oklahoma!

Gators vs Sooners!

Urban Meyer vs Bob Stoops!

Heisman Tim Tebow vs. Heisman Sam Bradford!

Big 12 vs SEC!

Alligator Army vs Crimson and Cream Machine!

Unrelentless hype combined with mediocre production values and blatantly obvious commentary! Way too many ads including 15 second shots of Gatorade coolers on the sideline! Whoooo, do it up right! Whoooooooo! It's all come down to this, heaven help us if this one is as anti-climactic as the last three have been, we might have to get a new TV! Whoooo!!!!

Pre-Game Links Galore can be found at Doc Saturday's site. He's collected them so you (and I) don't have to! Don't forget to check out Bo Pelini's take on the big game!

We invite you to join us here at Corn Nation, mostly so you don't have to put up with all those other sunsabitches, complaining about how they should have been there. We have nothing at stake but entertainment! Whoooooo!

We're opening early and encourage you to leave your predictions, prognostications, comments, questions, and observations!