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Corn Flakes Follows Bill Callahan and Kevin Cosgrove Around To See Whose Brains They’re Eating Next

  According to Husker Extra's Steve Sipple, Kevin Cosgrove could be headed to Minnesota to replace Gophers’ ex-DC Ted Roof who’s headed to Auburn.

I know what you’re thinking. Someone would hire the guy that took a Blackshirt defense and turned it into the biggest pile of steaming poo in over 100 years of football? Someone would hire that guy?

Yes, and it may not be a bad deal for either. Minnesota has now gone through three coordinators in two seasons. Their defense has been awful for many, many years. What they need now is someone that’s going to stick around for a while and build some consistency. Who’s that guy?

Kevin Cosgrove.

Of course, it could be the same rumor we heard last year, or it could be as early as this afternoon!

It’s a good deal for Nebraska, too. As long as Minnesota continues to suck, we’ll get players like Nate Swift. I’m all for that!

  You know Bill Callahan is going to be the next head coach of the Jets, don’t you? Nah, he’s going to Cleveland with Jets ex-head dude Eric Mangini.

Or somewhere. Pretty much all you hear about Callahan is that he's a great coach, especially from other coaches, but then, have you EVER heard a coach say anything negative about another coach?

Here’s the thing about coaches like Callahan and Cosgrove. They’re going to end up somewhere, despite how much Husker fans hold them in ire. Maybe they were a bad fit at Nebraska. Maybe they were asked to work in horrific conditions under a megalomaniac. Maybe they fit the Peter Principle all too well.

Mediocre coaches are like zombies. No, not the walking around eating brains part -  the hard to kill and make sure they’re dead part. Just when you think they’re never coming back, there they are somewhere else doing the same thing again, sucking the life out of some other poor bastard.