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Gator Bowl Pictures and Questions About the Future of Husker Football

Thanks again to professional photographer Dennis Hubbard, we're able to provide pictures from the Gator Bowl. These come with some comments about this season and the next, questions for you CN'ers, about the future.

Joe Ganz' tongue has to be the hardest working tongue in college football. He's obviously going to be the most missed Husker player come next season. Question is - what about the others? Who is leaving that you think we'll miss the most beyond Ganz?


I'm going to miss Matt Slauson a lot. Normally I don't like facepainting, but for some reason it works well for Slauson. I haven't always liked how he's played, but you can always tell how he's feeling. I like his passion. I'll miss him on the field wearing Husker red.
Who will be the leaders on the offensive line next season?


Roy Helu didn't have many moments in the Gator, but he should have plenty more ahead. He'll be key for success in 2009 as the Huskers break in a new starting quarterback.
Will Marcus Mendoza challenge for a spot in the backfield rotation?


Quentin Castille had a huge game in the Gator Bowl. Castille and Helu - do we call them "Thunder" and "Lightning"? Or come up with another nickname for the duo? Suggestions welcome!
Does anything further need to be said about the importance of Ndamukong Suh?

One more of Joe. Ganz started only 16 games. It seems like we barely got to know him.
Question is - will Patrick Witt or Zac Lee have the same type of career? What about Cody Green or Kody Spano?