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Ndamukong Suh: Should He Stay or Should He Go Now?

With apologies to the Clash, that's now the question facing Ndamukong Suh:

In the latter half of the season, he pretty much did it all. Sacked quarterbacks, covered receivers, fought off double teams, intercepted balls, blocked kicks, played fullback. He did it all. Even caught a touchdown pass.

Whether you call him "Ducky" or "House of Spears", he's elevated himself to first round draft status, should he choose to come out.

Immediately after the Gator Bowl, Suh seemed to open the door a little bit to considering the NFL, but after sleeping on it, he closed that door a bit, telling the Journal-Star that he's "99 percent coming back to school".

What's the right decision? When Suh originally announced that he was filing for the draft, he said he was doing it just to find out what the NFL thought of him. He said it was important to get his degree.

To be sure, he can always come back to get his degree down the line if he goes to the NFL. It's hard to turn down the type of money that a first-round pick gets.

But there's something about the college experience that might keep Suh in Lincoln for another season. I remember watching Grant Wistrom saluting the few hundred Husker fans on New Years Eve 1996, almost as if to say goodbye. That night, I was sure he was as good as gone to the NFL. But he came back to lead a feriocious Blackshirt defense that would go undefeated and win the 1997 National Championship.

Selfishly, I'd like to see Suh return...but I understand why he'd go pro. And I'm not sure what I'd do if I was in his place.