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Corn Flakes Is Really Cranky This Morning

Hey, funny. Kyle contacts the government and they give him a witty response. You need to read it because witty responses from the government aren’t something you run into very often..

College baseball is coming soon. The Husker Home Run Club is active. Get yourself together and join them. Not making it up. Join them, dammit!

Oh, lookie. Pete Carroll is on twitter. Isn’t that marvelous? So am I. I'll bet I'm much more witty than Pete. 

Orson has an unhealthy addiction to Lil’ Red. This time it’s deadly.

Husker Mike talks about quarterbacks.

Big Red Network continues to write good stuff about football. They are, I’m not. I suck. I’m mad at college football for ending it’s sason. Damn you college football.  I’ll be over it soon, like at the beginning of February. BRN does basketball?

A sign that things really suck. So they’re cute. Don’t kid yourself, they’re going to grow up to be mean as hell. My response? Don’t buy the product.

Diaz, the only big guy in Nebraska, must be redshirting. This is good news. Not for this year, but it is good news. I believe in the future.

What is it about basketball that we can’t get a break anywhere?

You have the intentional foul call at Oklahoma that took the game out of our hands. Against Oklahoma State you have us getting the rebound and a no-call on the mugging when we tried to shoot. Then, last night you have a foul call at the end of the game against Ade that was all ball.

They show highlights of Sallie at Memphis while we’re playing Kansas. Does the rest of the Big 12 fear us that much? Is there some kind of thing going on to keep us down? Yes, I believe there is. Paranoid? Maybe.

But put it this way. We have one of the best athletic departments in the nation - we are committed to student athletes. Maybe that doesn’t fit the train wreck that is college basketball, but at the same time maybe it’s the best thing for it. The schools in the Big 12 don’t want our really well run and successful athletic department climbing up the hill in that sport. Paranoid? Yeah. Am I wrong? Prove it. Otherwise, you can kiss my ass.