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2009 Nebraska Football Spring Game Tickets Provide Hope For the Future!

I spent three and a half hours on the road last night, driving to mid-upper Wisconsin where I’ll be working at a manufacturing site for the next couple days. On the way, I couldn’t help but periodically glance at the temperature which steadily dropped from -6 to -13 as the night went on.

Spring seems so incredibly far away.

Providing a ray of hope, the Nebraska athletic department will put 2009 Spring Game tickets on sale on Wednesday, February 4th. That's next week! Obviously, spring is just around the corner!

This year all seats will be sold as reserved seating for $10 a pop if you’re a regular Joe or Jill, $5 if you’re UNL faculty or staff, and free if you’re a UNL student.

Last season they sold 25,000 tickets as reserved and the rest as general seating. As a result, Husker fans started showing up to get in line as early as 6:30 am (according to the people I talked to who were at the front of the line) and by around 10:30 am the line stretched all the way to Kansas, or maybe Barry’s.


The line to get into last year's Spring Game. This was taken at 10:43 am and the line extended at least another block behind me.

The bad news is that the baseball team will be playing an away series against Texas A&M that weekend. I normally head down to Lincoln and get a weekend full of Husker sports, but this year it won’t work out that way.

I can’t imagine that this year’s game will be a sell out, while at the same time it wouldn’t surprise me a bit. According to

The spring game is also part of a University-wide Husker Spirit Fest. For more information on other activities check or

If we find more information about events that are available, we'll be posting. If you have an event that weekend you'd like us to publicize, please let us know.

The Spring Game is April 18th at 1:00 pm. There will be no television coverage this year. So, who’s going?