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Nebraska Football - Number Five in All-Time Prestige

I know you've been following ESPN's list of the most presitigous college football programs just like I have.

Monday ESPN released the ranking for programs finishing 21-119, Tuesday was 16-20, and on Wednesday were 11-15. Yesterday ESPN announced those programs that finished 6-10, and finally today they released  the top five.

The Top Five are:

#5 - Nebraska

#4 - Notre Dame

#3 - Ohio State

#2 - USC

#1 - Oklahoma

ESPN based the rankings off a formula that seems pretty fair to me. You have to give credit to them for coming up with an interesting method of ranking the programs. 

Some things stand out to me with regards to the rankings:

- The depression and World War II era were not kind to the state of Nebraska with regards to football. With no military bases to speak of, so many men were drafted and assigned to other parts of the nation that it took us years to recover.

Bob Devaney's hiring had a lot to do with us becoming a power, but it wasn't the only factor.

- Between Steve Pederson and Bill Callahan, we couldn't overtake Notre Dame when we should have the past few seasons. If that doesn't make you hate those two guys more than you already do, I don't know what to tell you.

- Oklahoma #1? Mom said cheaters never prosper. Was Mom wrong???? Arrrgh! The mind boggles about what else she might have lied about!!!!!