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Dan Hawkins Sending "Boxes of Money" to Recruits

Did that get your attention? Think I'm making this up? Check this out from Boulder's Daily Camera...

Instead of sending envelopes with the school logo to prospects who receive dozens of similar pieces of mail each week, CU sent small, black cardboard boxes about the size of a standard pizza box.

Intrigued recruits opened the box to find it filled with a pile of hundreds of business cards designed to resemble $100 and $500 bills. A message inside the box told recruits the money totaled $333,000, equal to the value of an education at CU.

“Again, it just comes back to that autonomy that he lets people have and having the right people in place and letting them be creative in their jobs,” Tucker said.

Each card had a CU coach’s face where the former president would normally be on currency. The cards featured contact information for coaches on one side and the core values of the program on the other. CU went through a lengthy approval process with the Secret Service for the project, but it was scrapped after other programs began asking questions about its legitimacy.

Needless to say, neither the Big XII office nor the NCAA were too pleased with this, and now the NCAA has now instituted a rule to prohibit this action.

Hawkins claims that honesty is the cornerstone of recruiting, but I've really got to question how someone can make that claim when they send out boxes of fake money to potential recruits. Sure, it gets your attention, but does it really send the right message? "We'll do anything to get you to come to Boulder!" And how many recruits are disappointed that the money isn't real.