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Joe Ganz Discusses Billy C and Bo Pelini

Joe Ganz was interviewed today on KOZN (1620 AM) radio's "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" by Kevin Kugler and Mike'l Severe.  Some great audio, but the final segment is probably the best.  It starts with a phone call from a Bill Callahan impersonator, and finishes with an embarassing call from his mother.

A couple of tidbits that are interesting is that Ganz hasn't talked to his former head coach since they left Boulder.  In some earlier segments, Ganz implied that Callahan wasn't accessible to players and that he really felt he had outplayed Sam Keller in the battle to be the starting quarterback in 2007.

He also made it clear that all it took was that initial meeting to convince Ganz that Bo Pelini was the right man to lead Nebraska football.