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Husker Hoops Game #15: Nebraska at Iowa State Open Game Thread

Nebraska Cornhuskers (11-3, 1-0) at Iowa State Cyclones (11-5, 0-1)

Hilton Colisseum, Ames, IA, 7 PM

TV: FSN Midwest (ESPN Full Court/ESPN 360), Radio: Husker Sports Network

Opponent's Blog: Clone Chronicles

Tonight, the Huskers head to Ames for their first Big XII road game of the year. The first game was a big win, knocking off a Missouri team that had been ranked earlier in the season. The Cyclones were only projected to finish 11th in the league, but Nebraska has traditionally struggled in Ames, and the Cyclones are known for defending their home court well.

Join us here to follow the game live. Accounts are free, so sign up and join! Go Big Red!

Arena Delayed

In other news, the Lincoln city council has decided not to pursue a vote on the Arena project (see the links below). That means that the new arena in the Haymarket Park area will be pushed at least one more year (if not longer) into the future.