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Big 12 Cob of the Bowls - The Worst Big 12 Bowl Performances

We present our nominees for the worst Bgi 12 performances during the bowl games. You're free to nominate your own in the comments section, or disagree with the ones we've chosen here.

Here are your Big 12 nominations for "Big 12 Cob of the Bowls", which sounds kind of weird, doesn't it?

- Dominique Franks - The way to answer the ESPN hype machine is NOT to say that Tim Tebow wouldn't be one of the top four quarterbacks in the Big XII.

- Colt McCoy - After you salvaged a victory in a Fiesta Bowl game you did your darndest to choke all game long, you need to apologize for playing so poorly, not brag about how you are somehow unbeatable. Especially when that choke job was against a mediocre Ohio State team that had no business being in a BCS bowl game in the first place.

- Mike Leach - A quarterback sneak on 4th & 4? Looks like the Pirate is going to remain in Lubbock for a long time...

- Gary Pinkel - At the end of regulation, Pinkel somehow thought a 40+ yard field goal was an "automatic" chip shot. He proceeded to send Chase Daniel out to quarterback sneak the ball twice to position the ball for a long, game-winning field goal and confidently sent out his kicker, who promptly shanked it. Missouri had Northwestern on their heels, and had plenty of time to get the ball into chip shot range.

- Oklahoma's offensive coordination. The no-huddle tore up Florida when the play calls were ready. When they weren't, the no huddle became befuddled (groan), and ultimately it was Oklahoma that stopped themselves more than the Florida defense.

- While not part of the Big 12, the Dodge Ram deserves an honorary membership. Bailed out by tax payers, Dodge felt it necessary to subject college football fans to the same three commercials played 6,000 times. "That's how we roll!" - driving a truck through an exploding building while "I completely forgot I was pulling a trailer" doesn't sound too safe, does it?