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San Jose State Game Day Photos

We're pleased to provide you with some SJSU Game Day photos, as taken by professional photographer Dennis Hubbard. Excellent stuff that I should have probably gotten out a day earlier.

I would ask that you didn't steal, but if you do, please credit Dennis.


Spartan fans make the most of their trip to Lincoln. Certainly unique.


I think we have found our standard Bo Pelini pic for the year.

More after the full story link. I have tried to retain higher quality, so they make take a bit to load if you have a slower connection.


Ganz throwing, note that his tongue is looking slightly right while his eyes are downfield, a rare asset good for confusing defensive backs.


Phillip Dillard puts the kabong! on SJSU quarterback Kyle Reed.


Ganz handing off to Roy Helu. Beautiful form, complete with working tongue.


Suh and O'Hanlon team up to make a quarterback sandwich! My favorite kind!


Bo-eautiful shot of the Huskers taking the field.


Niles Paul on his TD run. Hopefully Paul can duplicate his performance throughout the season.


Roy Helu so far has proven he's very capable of not only starting, but making the most of his opportunities.

You are encouraged to insert your own captions in the comments section. Best two get a free copy of "A Sea of Red".