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Big 12 Cob of the Week

Blankman gets in a bit of hyperbole, but both of us have pointed out Mike Huff’s problems as our starting left guard:

Mike Huff - Never before have I seen such an individual whose replacement  would make me think a rapid recovery of an offensive line/inside running game. I would take any of the following over Mike Huff: D.J. Jones, Keith Williams, Marcel Jones, Mike Caputo, Cody Glenn, Matt O'Hanlon, Justin Makovicka, Marcus Mendoza, Zac Lee and a rock found by the side of the road.

Husker Mike:

My vote goes to Colorado, who struggled once again with a 1-AA opponent. Eastern Washington led the Buffies 21-7 at halftime and 24-17 with four minutes left in the game, before Cha'pelle Brown returned an interception for the game winning touchdown with just two minutes left in the game. Colorado is now 1-1 lifetime against the "Football Championship Subdivision".

Corn Blight:

My choice goes to the Texas Tech’s defense, who gave up 488 yards to Nevada this past weekend. Nevada may have been one of the better opponents anyone in the Big 12 faced but that isn’t saying much. The Red Raiders were out-gained, 488 to 421, and as a result, they’re currently the 95th-ranked defense in the nation. (HT: Double T Nation) Ouch.

Giving up 224 yards rushing and 264 yards passing is not the way you win the Big 12 South, which is why they won't. Maybe they can fix it by conference play. Maybe they're the same ol' Tech.