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Week 2 Report Card: San Jose State

It's a win, and it's hard to be unhappy about being 2-0. But the Huskers didn't play so well. It sounds like Bo Pelini won't be grading the team that highly either.

Offensive Line: D+ There are plenty of excuses why the offensive line hasn't played well: defensive scheme, injuries, chemistry. But those are just that: excuses. This group was supposed to be one of the strengths of this team; it's time they start playing that way.

Running Backs: D+ Without much help from the offensive line, Marlon Lucky isn't going to go very far. Quentin Castille had a costly fumble of a pitch. Roy Helu, Jr. right now is the best of the bunch. I'm casting my vote that Helu moves to the top of that "Helu -OR- Lucky -OR- Castille" list. Helu has shown more ability to find yards than the other two backs so far.

Quarterback: C- Definitely the worst start in the short career of Joe Ganz. His interception at the end of the first half was particularly troubling. I would like to see Ganz have a turnover free game sometime soon. It was nice to get Patrick Witt a couple of snaps in a live game.

Wide Receivers: C+ All Nate Swift does is make plays. Todd Peterson had a few nice grabs as well. Niles Paul electrified the team and the entire state with his kickoff return. Three procedure penalties in a row on the receivers and tight ends were extremely troubling.

Defensive Line: A- Ndamakong Suh and Zach Potter came up with huge interceptions Pierre Allen came in for an injured Barry Turner and led the team in tackles.

Linebackers: B- Cody Glenn brings 110% effort to the field. But since it's just his second game on defense, sometimes he's out of position. He's got the speed that helps him recover from his mistakes.

Secondary: C- Phil Steele named Larry Asante to his preseason 2nd team all-Big XII team. Saturday, he might have played his way to the 2nd string ... even with Rickey Thenarse out with a shoulder injury. First quarter tackling was pathetic. Nice to see Armando Murillo back on the field.

Coaching: C- Shawn Watson chose not to try and challenge San Jose State's "nine in the box" by throwing deep. I figure there was a reason for it, but I don't think it helped Nebraska this week. 85 seconds before halftime, NU took over at their own nine yard line, and rather than run the ball and head to the locker room, Joe Ganz was sent out to try and get a score. Problem is, he threw a bad interception, and if not for another great defensive play by the goalposts, could have resulted in a field goal.

Overall: C- It's a win...but there's much work that nees to be done.

Elsewhere in College Football:

East Carolina: A+ Lou's son Skip Holtz pulls off another upset.

Ohio: B+ Yeah, it was a trap game for the Buckeyes. Ohio State was looking towards next week's matchup against USC, while Ohio's been tired of being ignored and dismissed by "THE ohio state university." But taking a lead into the 4th quarter at the horseshoe counts for something.

Washington: B+ Washington fans have something other than Tyrone Willingham to criticize this week. But rather than criticize the refs or Jake Locker, they should blame kicker Ryan Perkins instead.

Athletic Directors: F While there were some upsets this weekend, it was an ugly weekend of football. You ought to be ashamed of the matchups you put out there this weekend.