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San Jose State Postgame OverReaction - Humble Pie/Eating Crow Edition

All week long I’ve made fun of our opponent coming into this game. There was the 72-3 preview  (which I wasn’t serious about 72-3, but maybe hopeful). There was the 56-20 prediction. Humble pie or crow, you can take your pick, but I deserve every bit of crap that anyone wants to give me this week.

- Time to adjust your expectations about this season. For those of you who pegged us at 10-2, what are you thinking now? Still possible with some corrections?

- Mike McNeil has to do a better job of blocking from the end position.

- Mike Huff is driving me crazy. The guy isn’t finishing his blocks. That can be corrected, but it’s reflected in the play of the rest of the line. The coaching staff can track all the pancakes they want, but until they start releasing the statistics or mentioning them you can be sure of one thing - this line isn’t being NEARLY as physical as it should be.

- On that same regard, Barney Cotton can defend his guys and he should. He’s right when he says that we can’t block five guys with four, but they’d better figure out how to correct the lack of a running game because we’re going to see that all season long

- For the game day thread, I made a reference to the movie ‘300’, stating that “They’re gonna get killed. The only question is whether or not they’ll be as dramatic in the process.”  The Spartans played tough football, congratulations to them. They died when Kyle Reed left the field.

- I like the idea that Castille was back in the game not long after his fumble on the option play.

- Defensive line played very well. Two interceptions by defensive linemen? Think they have something to prove?

- Linebackers, secondary.… ah... not so much.

- Adi Kunalic is an underrated weapon that will serve us well in Big 12 play. Think Jeremy Maclin.

-  After seeing the play several times, I am guessing that Barry Turner is done for the year.

- We found a return guy. Niles Paul changed the game, thank God.

- Penalties. Need I say more?