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2008 College Fooball Week Two Predictions: A Weekend of Suck

As Husker Mike pointed out earlier, this is such a bad week for college football that even that networks are struggling to find games decent enough to broadcast. Sad thing is, people like Mark May, Lou Holtz and all these guys that do this for a living have to pretend it’s a weekend like any other. They’ll be playing up the parity, the “everyone has athletes" angles, but don’t believe it. It is a weekend of suck.

Since we don’t do this for a living, we don’t have to pretend. We’re not going to bother predicting (or caring, maybe?) about all of the Big 12 teams. There are games against four IAA teams this week, so what’s the point?

In that spirit, Mike and I had a conversation about a few of the games, but instead of predicting all the Big 12 games, we decided to just pick the overall score of the Big 12 versus the opponents. I’d encourage you to do the same in the comments section.

Overall points Big 12 versus opponents:

Husker Mike: 657-181
Corn Blight: 723 -191.

Texas Tech - Nevada
Corn Blight: How many points do you think Texas Tech will score over Nevada?
Husker Mike: Tech will probably score in the 40's.
Corn Blight: 40's?
Husker Mike: But Nevada might score 35 or more.
Corn Blight: Graham Harrell will score 40 by himself. And I mean himself - Graham Harrell & Michael Crabtree 40, rest of team 38 for 78 points
Husker Mike: Well, I figure all of Tech's scoring is going to be touchdown passes.
Corn Blight: to 56 for Nevada. So Texas Tech 78, Nevada 56.
Husker Mike: 78-56?  Youwza
Corn Blight: oh hell yeah.
Husker Mike: I'll go 49-45 Tech.
Corn Blight: Wow. That's close.
Husker Mike: I think Nevada is better than the team that got spanked 52-7 in lincoln.
Corn Blight: I gave them 56 points. They'll be tired. I take that back. They'll score 56 and then, like the stock market approaching a new high, they'll get scared to go over 56. Have they ever been over 56? Probably not. It's a terrifying ceiling for some teams.
Corn Blight: Plus, no one plays defense anymore. lt's a lost art. like blacksmithing.

Texas A&M - New Mexico

Corn Blight: Texas A&M will score 8
Husker Mike: Wow, Sagarin has A&M #70 and NM #79. Why the hell is A&M traveling to NEW MEXICO
Corn Blight: they want to recruit in New Mexico.
Husker Mike: pfffft
Husker Mike: Does Bobby Newcombe have a little brother?
Corn Blight: Hey, New Mexico puts out one or two guys a year don't they? They'd put out more, but they're all out deer hunting.
Husker Mike: Or looking for aliens
Husker Mike: A&M 13 New Mexico 9
Corn Blight: New Mexico 10, Texas A&M 8
Corn Blight: I'm thinking the Aggies go 0-12 this season. Javorskie Lane will cry a lot.

Georgia Tech - Boston College
Husker Mike: GT got their token 1-AA win reality hits. Transformations like that take time.
Corn Blight: Georgia Tech doesn't have Chan Gailey anymore. That's worth five more points a game right there. The game should just start 5-0 for GT
Husker Mike: BC 35, GT 9
Corn Blight: BC 27, GT 14
Corn Blight: That's 9+5  you know.
Husker Mike: OK, that's 1 FG, 2 safeties, and a TD
Corn Blight: Works for me

Miami - Florida

Husker Mike: Randy Shannon ain't the answer at the U, either.
Corn Blight: They needed him. They're not in jail. They have to have a cooling off period, like the earth.
Husker Mike: Florida 45, Miami 13
Corn Blight: Florida 31, Miami 10

Stanford - Arizona State
Corn Blight: Dennis Erickson versus Jim Harbaugh. That game could be worth watching just to see the coaches expressions.
Husker Mike: Upset spe-shul
Husker Mike: The Tree 27, Sparky 24
Corn Blight: I keep going back to that deal with the devil on Erickson.
Corn Blight: I'll go with just the reverse, Sparky 27, Tree 24

West Virginia - East Carolina

Corn Blight: Is West Virginia - ECU worth talking about?
Husker Mike: Since ECU took out Tech last week, I s'pose
Husker Mike: Don't ask me about this one though.I'm going to SWAG it.
Corn Blight: SWAG?
Husker Mike: Simple Wild A$$ Guess
Corn Blight: Oh, yeah, you have to.
Husker Mike: WVa 37, Lou's Boy 13
Husker Mike: Or should I say.... RichRod's $4 million:  37, Lou's Boy 13
Corn Blight: yeah, West Virginia still has a gob of offense.
Corn Blight: Mountaineers 28, ECU 21.
Corn Blight: Wait those are scores from the old days where people play defense
Corn Blight: WVU, ECU 35-24

Duke - Northwestern
Husker Mike: Sad thing that might be one of the better match ups out there
Corn Blight: This is the Big 10 vs. the ACC, isn't it. There's something horribly ironic that it's one of the better games of the weekend
Husker Mike: Northwestern usually sucks, Duke consistently sucks
Husker Mike: NW 18, Duke 6
Corn Blight: Battle of the nerds?
Husker Mike: NERRRRDS!!!!!111!!!11!!!  Bwent Mushbewgew
Corn Blight: Maybe this weekend was pre-arranged by a whole bunch of carefully placed genius schedulers, all in an effort to get some exposure, some recognition.Husker Mike: What exposure?
Corn Blight: We're talking about it, aren't we?
Husker Mike: Yeah, but we're sitting in our parents basement with our laptop in our underwear.
Corn Blight: Northwestern vs Duke is broadcast online at CSTV's XXL site. NERDS will see it.
Corn Blight: Northwestern 23, Dukies 16

Ohio - Ohio State

Corn Blight: Ohio vs Buckeyes. OMG!
Husker Mike: Ohio really wants this one.
Husker Mike: tOSU really wants the Trojans.
Husker Mike: tOSU favored by 35.
Husker Mike: If I was going to vegas, I'd put my money on the Bobcats.
Corn Blight: If you were taking points, I might take Ohio.
Husker Mike: Bobcats tired of being dissed by OSU.
Corn Blight: You're talking yourself into this.
Husker Mike: I know...I'll just take the points.
Husker Mike: tOSU 27, OU 13
Corn Blight: tOSU 52, Ohio whatever 52-34 is.
Husker Mike: wooowee
Corn Blight: 18. That's it. It's 18.
Husker Mike: But 86 points?
Corn Blight: No defense anywhere anymore. So OSU 52, OU 18
Husker Mike: True

Buffalo - Pittsburgh
Husker Mike: Oh wow...
Corn Blight: What's that?
Husker Mike: Picking that game.
Husker Mike: Heart:  Turner Gill 35, Steve Pederson 24
Husker Mike: Head:  Pitt 27, Buffalo 10
Corn Blight: I'm picking Buffalo 23, Pitt 20
Corn Blight: because I think Dave Wannstache really sucks that bad and for some reason Turner Gill has those guys believing. Even scoring 42 against UTEP.
Husker Mike: The Pornstache sucks royally, to be sure.
Corn Blight: Granted UTEP isn't the greatest competition, but hey, everyone would have said that about Buffalo before that game too. That, and I BELIEVE IN KARMA!
Husker Mike: Karma...heh heh

Nebraska - San Jose State

Husker Mike: Oh... NU 56, SJSU 13
Corn Blight: Nebraska 56 - sounds right.
Corn Blight: but the Spartans will score 20 and everyone will complain.
Corn Blight: They'll score 20 in the second half. After a 35-0 lead in the first half for Nebraska.
Husker Mike: If it's against the scrubs, I won't be as upset.
Corn Blight: hopefully we'll see a lot of guys playing.
Corn Blight: Nebraska 56, SJSU 20