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Husker Soccer Ultras - Bringing Europe To Lincoln

At Corn Nation, we like to support all things Husker, not just the football team. I'd like to consider myself passionate about all Husker sports, so if you have a group or event that's Husker-related, please let us know about it.

The Husker Soccer Ultras are a new fan group that is trying to increase support for the Husker Soccer team. They are intent on generating a more European-oriented rowdy environment with chants, banners and songs - as the group's flyer states, they are "dedicated to bringing the fanatic back to the Husker soccer program."

They're looking for fans who are Loud, Red, Proud and Passionate to sing Nebraska to victory. The Ultras have pre- and post-game parties at "The Bar", located at 17th and P and they will be giving away free tickets to the soccer games. If you're on Facebook, you can find more information about them in the "Husker Soccer Ultras" group.

The next soccer home game is 12:30 PM Sunday (note the time change) against UAB. The Husker soccer team has started the season 0-3, so they could use the support!

It may not be Europe, but it sounds like a helluva lot of fun to me. I'll be bringing my family down to the New Mexico State game next weekend and attending a soccer game the next day. All three of my kids play soccer, so if the football doesn't indoctrinate them enough, maybe the Ultras can help.