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Nebraska vs San Jose State Pay Per View - You Buying?

It's a given that I'll be watching the SJSU game Saturday, plopping down another $29.95 to Fox. It's looking like the pay per view ordering process is about the same as it was last week, except maybe the Dish Network and DirecTV channels have changed a little.

I talked my sister who lives in Lincoln last night and she said that there were tons of people in line at the cable store to buy the game. You have to stand in line? What friggin' century is the cable outfit living in?

Are you buying this one? Are you like me and you have to watch because of a Husker dependency problem? Or was your experience not worth the effort this week? Or do you think it's just too much of a stinker?


Hi, My Name is Jon. I'm A Huskeraholic.

Just like last week, we'll be here with a Game Day thread. I won't have nearly as many beers in me by the time rolls around (at 11:30 am I can pretty much guarantee it will be zero), and I'd love to have the company.