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Worst of the Big 12 - CN's "Cob of the Week"

Husker Mike:

My choice is Kansas State defensive coordinator Tim Tebesar after the Wildcats gave up 509 yards and 37 points to the 1-3 Ragin' Cajuns of Louisiana Lafayette.

Panjandrum from Bring on the Cats provided some helpful advice to Tebesar.


Bo Pelini: In a week where there were certainly ups and downs in the Big XII, Virginia Tech scored 35 points and became only the second ACC team ever to win in Lincoln.  Bo's knowledge of defense is up in the air, but Nebraskans know marketing.

Corn Blight:

As much as it pains me to say this, but I’m going with Blankman’s choice, Bo Pelini.

Say what you want about how you’d rather have a coach that’s fired up, about a coach who shows some passion rather than a guy who hides behind his play sheet as the team is coming apart like Bill Callahan did last season but there is no excuse for drawing an unsportsmanlike penalty and costing your team the way that Pelini did.

That it came at the time when the Cornhuskers were making a comeback made it all the more clear how big a mistake it was.

Funny how a picture takes on a positive or negative dependent upon the context in which it's delivered. Or not so funny. Take your pick.

Water under the bridge, beating a dead horse, call it what you will - if Pelini is not successful people will look back on the incident with an "AHA! There were obvious signs" mentality as if everyone doesn't have 20/20 hindsight.

Hopefully we won’t have to worry about that much as Pelini becomes successful.

And with this posting Virginia Tech slips into the past as next up is highly-ranked Mizzou.  AJ the Husker Hater calls it "Hate Week", as does Mizzourah!, while our fellow SB Nation bloggers Rock M Nation aren't near as antagonistic. At least, not yet.

Well.... thanks, guys. I now feel inspired to play along. Chase Daniels is going to get killed Saturday. There. I feel better.