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Nebraska vs Virginia Tech - Post Game Overreaction

My real reaction?


I'm pretty sure your reaction isn't that much different. Keep in mind though, this is an overareaction, not much thought, but plenty of angst.

- We started flat? We have played nobody to this point, we have a coming out party and we're not impressed with the new car in the driveway?

- Joe Ganz sucks when he drops back, but there was little rolling, not many screens. If I ever see a seven step drop again.... oh. hell.

- Nate Swift has now proved himself one of the greatest Huskers ever.

- Composure. I'm not exactly sure what Bo did to draw a penalty late in the game, but it transferred to his defense when Suh got whislted later for another personal foul. If we had a chance before that, well, we lost it.

We knew what we were getting in Bo Pelini. Let's not kid ourselves. The emotion, the explosiveness of the guy, he's going to give us something  at a cost. You prepare for that?

- Not me. Someone more reasonable said this in the game thread:

Taflorom:  at least we played until the end and had a chance to win. I feel better about this loss then any we had under BC. We looked like we gave a shit and it wont be long until Bo has us playing with the big boys. We did it tonight and will continue to do it all season. I still think we will beat either Mizzu or TT if not both. Good job Big Red.