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Corn Flakes Wonders If Red Beer Is A Nebraska Phenomenon?

Heyoooo! How's your Saturday going? Good? Great! (think perky here!). Hope you're doing well, because today is when the season starts. After three PPV games, it's time that we get on the national stage... even though I'll be buying ESPN Gameplan.

Corn Nation is going mobile! Play the tape machine, make your toast and your tea, we're going mobile! Beep Beep! Point your smart-fangled phone at and you can carry us with you wherever you go! Keep me movin'!

Kind of terrifying, ain't it?

Heisman Pundit states no Heisman for you, Mark Sanchez. Chase Daniel's main competitor taken out by a bad performance. Hmmmm.... could the same thing happen next week? Is this, once again, foreshadowing?

Dr Saturday says we win by three scores. I like his preview.

The guys from Big Red Network will be at Brewsky's at 3:00 pm for some pre-game fun so stop by and say hello.

Kyle Tucker at the Virginian-Pilot captures the spirit of Nebraskans for Hokies fans, including a review of Misty's and how important football is to the state. He wonders if we're corny. Damn right, we are.

The song "Sirius" by The Alan Parsons Project - also the Chicago Bulls' famed intro music - will blare over the loudspeakers. Then, finally, when the crazies can no longer stand it, the gates will open.

And the only thing that matters in this state tonight will begin.

"It is a religious experience," says one local sportscaster, standing in the tunnel Thursday.

"Sometimes, I cry."

We assisted Holly over at Sports! in doing a feature on the Nebraska game day experience. Our conclusion, her conclusion - there ain't much tailgating in Lincoln. Lots of fun to be had, but not much tailgating.

It's not because we're not fun, it's because we're football geeks. Nerds. Wonks. Whatever you want to call it, we love football more than beer. That's good, right?I think it is, dammit.

Other thing - I never realized that the rest of the world didn't know about 'red beer'. I just figured that everyone else knew that you took a cheap American beer of your choice and a small (5.5 oz) V8 can, and poured them together in a big container. Then you drink them together. (Holly mentions tomato juice. Try V8 instead, it's better, trust me.) Me, I prefer to add dashes of tabasco, but that's me. I like the spice.

Nebraskans are the only people who know what a Runza is. Is it true that we're the only ones who know about "red beer"?