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Corn Flakes Loves that Mizzou Freak Out

  Dave Matter in Missouri talks about things to watch in the Big 12 this coming weekend. His two points about Nebraska - can we move the ball against their defense, and can Bo Pelini shut down the Hokies like he did last season as LSU's defensive coordinator?

Discuss, please!

Kyle at Georgia's Dawg Sports includes Nebraska - Virginia Tech in his national games of interest bit this week. He says:

If last year’s Nebraska win at Wake Forest is any indication, we shouldn’t expect the ‘Huskers to win any other way but ugly against an A.C.C. contender, but, seeing as how that aforementioned 2007 victory over the Demon Deacons was by the 20-17 final margin so familiar to the Hokies, I like Nebraska to emerge triumphant undefeated from a low-scoring slugfest to determine which team is the more overrated on the basis of name recognition.

Kyle, dude, we've all forgotten about last season. It was another staff, really, another team. OTOH, perhaps it's a third party observance of which we should be aware - we're still ugly in the eyes of most.

You'd think that Mizzou would be using that bye week to relax and prepare, but NO! They're freaking out, man! Freaking out! Whoeee!!!!

Remember that they haven't won in Lincoln since 1978. Answer the phone with that line for the next, oh, eight days. It'll be like a zen headmess thing for them, if not for the team, for the fans.

Lincoln is Chase Daniel's personal piece of hell on earth, Tigers! Every Packers fan knows that Brett Favre (God rest his soul), the best quarterback in the history of history sucked in the Metrodome. The math works like this:

Daniel+Memorial Stadium, Lincoln=suck

You KNOW it to be true!

Matt, otherwise now known as Dr. Saturday, says you should bet on the Hokies, with this caution about Tech's demise: 

 Don't be fooled by the early loss to East Carolina or back-to-back 20-17 scores over Georgia Tech and North Carolina: Tech regularly starts slow, with at least one September loss now in four of the last five years since joining the ACC, all accompanied by a too-close-for-comfort win or two. The wins the last two weeks have come by the familiar defense/turnovers/special teams M.O. that keep coming out on top.

  The Wiz of Odds points out that Oklahoma State benefactor T. Boone Pickens isn't nearly as altruistic is he seems. Seems that T. Boone is using Okie State as a method of shielding hisself against taxes:

"Sadly, it's another case of a rich man manipulating charity for his own benefit," attorney and former IRS agent Marcus Owens told the Times.

 There's also the "Death Pool" method of making money for the Okie State program:

Then there was the "Gift of a Lifetime," which critics labeled a "Death Pool." Twenty-eight individuals in age from 65 to 85 were selected. They were under no financial obligation and only needed to pass a physical exam. OSU Athletics, Inc. took out a $20 million loan to pay insurance premiums, and each time an individual in the program dies, Oklahoma State is set to be paid $10 million. When all 28 have died, Oklahoma State will have been paid $280 million.

Creative or macbre? Discuss, please!