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Q&A With Virginia Tech's Gobbler Country

A while back CN was contacted by the Virginia Tech blog "Gobbler Country" while they were looking for information about what to do when coming to Lincoln.

furrer4heisman is the head dude over at Gobbler Country, when I asked for bio information he stated "I'm a Hokie fan living in Sooner country". I'm not 100% sure what to make of that. I worry about the guy's mental state, you know? Perhaps he's really some kind of missionary, teaching the Okies modern farming techniques or something.

BTW, he'll be heading to Lincoln this weekend, so be nice to all those Hokie fans just in case.

Oh, we did respond to Gobbler Country in like fashion. You can see our answers to their questions here.

1. Tyrod Taylor picked up his game in the 2nd half against North Carolina. Do you think that was a breakout moment for Taylor and the program?

I don't think so. While Tyrod certainly was a key figure in the comeback, I think it is owed more to the run game and the offensive line (and the defense, of course). Remember, both touchdowns came on the ground. Tyrod is still an inaccurate passer and a lot of it has to do with his footwork and getting balanced before he throws. Once he gets that down, then he will break out.

As far as the program goes, it was a pivotal moment. We haven't had a comeback like that since 1995 and we're not known as a team that can storm back when down by 10 or more. It was a big moment in my book.

2. A lot is being made of Frank Beamer's dance in the locker room. Is that a sign that he thinks the Hokies are back on track, or was he just happy they pulled a game out of the fire?

Frank did a similar dance after the Hokies won the ACC Championship Game in December. I think he just does it to reward the players for persevering. It's just fun to watch.


[We tried to find Beamer dancing online. furrer4heisman said all Beamer dancin' be locked up behind Still, we have a bobblehead. Maybe it's close?]

3. If there was a player you'd say wouldn't be on Nebraska's radar as a threat but should be, who would that player be and why?

Sean Glennon. Something tells me we're going to need him this game. It's just a gut feeling. Tyrod might still be a bit gimpy from last week and I think the matchups against Nebraska work in Glennon's favor, if you believe the anonymous coach quoted in that Rivals article. I'm not sold on Nebraska's secondary and if it's true that your pass rush is lacking, this would be a good game for Glennon.

I think the Huskers will have success stopping our run game (at least early on), so it will up to the quarterback to win the game with his arm. Glennon can do that if given time in the pocket. I'm not sure Tyrod can yet. That's one reason I think it's Glennon. The other is that I'm sure the Huskers have Tyrod, Darren Evans and Macho Harris squarely on their radar.

4. What does Nebraska have to do to beat Virginia Tech?

Force turnovers and contain Tyrod Taylor. If Tyrod is able to make plays in the first half and take the team on his shoulders, watch out. I don't think the Huskers have any one player on defense that has his athleticism. But if the defensive game plan is able to slow him down and make him make bad decisions when throwing the ball, the Hokies are in trouble.

Stopping the Hokies on offense will come down to stopping the run to force passing downs and then containing Tyrod if he tries to scramble. North Carolina was able to do that for one half.

5. Conversely, how does Virginia Tech beat Nebraska?

They can't get down early. We won't be coming back from down 14 in Memorial Stadium. If they can come out and make plays to get rid of the early jitters, they'll be fine. I think Tech's defense will be able to stop the run and do well against the pass when they need to. However, mobile QBs have given them fits this year and I think Ganz has more get-up-and-go than most people will give him credit for. If they can limit the number of plays he makes both throwing and running, we'll win the game. I'm confident that if it's a close game, someone on defense will make a play that wins it for us.

6. What sort of a ballgame do you anticipate this being? Offensive shootout? Defensive struggle? Battle of the Outhouse Stars?

I think its going to be a slugfest. Both teams will probably try and establish the run early and both teams have been good at stopping the run so far this season. It's going to come down to who wins the field position battle and who makes the most of the other's mistakes.

I think the teams are evenly matched, but if Tyrod makes plays with his feet early or Glennon comes in the game and makes plays through the air in the second half, it could go the Hokies way. I'm picking 27-23, Virginia Tech.

7. Be honest. Where do you think the Hokies and Huskers are right now in the grand scheme of college football?

The Hokies right now aren't an elite football program and won't be until they start winning games like these. Getting blown out at LSU and losing to Kansas (I'm mean, c'mon, they're f****** Kansas) in BCS bowl games are not what elite teams do. We're a young team that next year or 2010 will have the talent to compete for a national championship. Whether or not that comes to fruition is another thing entirely. There's a hump they still have to get over. Us, Texas and USC are the only three teams to win 10 games each of the last four seasons. But one of those teams doesn't have a national title in that span.

Nebraska I think tried to adjust to modern college football when sticking to its roots may not have set it back as much as it thought. College football, in my opinion, is still run-first. Teams are just doing it in different ways now. I think Tommie Frazier would have been amazing running the spread. I don't think you can look at their current record and say, "Oh, they're back." But you can't say they're the same team they were last year. They're far from it. I think this is the kind of year where the Huskers will beat someone they have no business beating, but will also lose to someone they have no business losing to, at least by Nebraska standards.