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Worst of the Big 12 - The Big 12 "Cob of the Week"

A little late with this week's "Cob of the Week" awards, but at least no one's playing on Wednesday this week. This week, we're all over the place -  a backup quarterback, an athletic director, and a coach.

Husker Mike:

I'd like to nominate West Virginia backup quarterback Bradley Starks, who threw a dying quail on a trick play and completely missed running back Jock Sanders, who was so wide open that there wasn't a Colorado defender within thirty yards of him. If Starks throws it somewhere in the same ZIP code as Sanders, Sanders walks into the end zone and the Mountaineers take a 21-14 lead late in the fourth quarter. Instead, the Mountaineers drive stalls and the game goes to overtime.

If missing a wide open TD isn't bad enough, Starks also gave up a fumble that lead to a Buffalo touchdown. Ouch! 


Take a good long look at this picture of Mike Sherman. I feel the pain in these eyes because I was there this time last year. The Aggies continue to bumble and stumble their way across the non-conference schedule thankfully (maybe?) playing Army this weekend. 
Mike Sherman, wondering just what he's gotten himself into. 

It's far too early to grade a staff, but for one that was supposed to have one of the best QB’s in the Big XII according to ESPN, "Dollar" Bill Byrne isn't just the Cob of the Week, he's getting one stuffed...well, you get the idea.

Corn Blight:

My Cob of the Week is going to Ron Prince, the same prince of the stompin’ dance who up until last week had the K-State faithful feeling good about themselves for beating up on small fry.

Last week they marched into Louisville ranked 18th in total offense, sixth in total defense, then proceeded to give up 577 yards to the Cardinals. If you watched the game, you saw a lost defense, consistently out of position, slow, and as an added bonus, poor tackling. They were so bad they dropped to 51st in total defense.

After last week’s performance our buddy TB at Bring on The Cats has written an open letter to Ron Prince, stating:

I'm not going to ask for much; I'm a pretty rational and realistic guy.  But here's what I, Joe Average KSU Fan, expect from here on out:
  • A defense that's assignment sound
  • A defense that isn't afraid to hit or get hit
  • An offensive line that can generate a push
  • A running game that's not inept
  • A coaching staff that is capable of making halftime adjustments
  • A coaching staff full of experienced, qualified men who can turn these proud young men into football players