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College Football Rankings - BlogPoll Week Four Ballot And Weekend Observations

Kind of a weird week last week with three Big 12 teams playing before the Saturday round-up hit. Kansas State looked awful and if I were a Wildcat fan, I'd be wondering if we could win enough games to become bowl eligble. Colorado looked decent enough beating West Virginia and it was disappointing to see Baylor lose to UConn. That would have been a nice win for them.

The first draft of my week four ballot is after the jump. I'd appreciate some comments on it.

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal --
2 Oklahoma --
3 Georgia --
4 Missouri --
5 Florida --
6 LSU --
7 Wisconsin --
8 Texas Tech --
9 Texas --
10 Alabama 1
11 Brigham Young 1
12 Wake Forest 4
13 South Florida 3
14 Penn State 1
15 Clemson 3
16 Kansas 4
17 Oklahoma State 4
18 Utah 8
19 Fresno State 7
20 Boise State 6
21 Connecticut 1
22 Ohio State 5
23 Vanderbilt 3
24 Auburn 10
25 California 2
Dropped Out: East Carolina (#13), Oregon (#19), Illinois (#24), North Carolina (#25).

I don't like Auburn.... and I mean the team this year, not the school nor even the coach. I just don't understand why they're ranked so high in the regular poll, they haven't proven anything. Their offense is below average, having scored 17 points in the past two games. Without Muschamp I think their defense has taken a huge hit.

Alabama stomped Arkansas as I thought they would this past weekend. No love lost on Arkansas for me there.

I watched a fair amount of football, although I took some time for some famly activities. I can't imagine the number of fundraisers, weddings, and outings that were scheduled in Nebraska since fans had a break after three straight home games.

Too bad about Notre Dame losing to Michigan State, isn't it? Then they turn around and have a couple guys arrested for minor in possession, apparently remorseful in their loss to the Spartans.

Speaking of stupidity, Mizzou has a bye week this coming week, and given their off-season antics, I would be nervous were I a Tiger fan. Their biggest challenge this week will be getting through the next two weeks without someone doing something stupid.

I mentioned it before, but I really wonder if Georgia's Mark Richt has enough of a killer instinct to win anything meaningful there. Georgia's Knowshon Moreno was fun to watch in the Arizona State game, one of those guys you turn on a game just to see what they do.

Will Florida State ever return to their previous heights? Can they find even an average quarterback? Five interceptions, and yet Wake couldn't score more than 12 points.

Rutgers is now 0-3, having lost to Navy this past weekend. Wow. Good thing they're in the Big East, otherwise you'd have to wonder if their season is already over.

The Big 12 weekend  went as expected, even with Iowa State losing on the road at UNLV. The Cyclones are a lousy road team and I should have stuck with that on picking them to win in Las Vegas.

Chase Daniel has to still be leading in the Heisman race, which means there's still a chance that the Husker defense could cause some damage to him. But first, Virginia Tech!