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Tuesday Hoops: Preseason Press Conference wrap, no word on Diaz

Doc Sadler had a lot to say at his preseason press conference todayThe Huskers are still trying to fill their last non-conference game, which is unsettling.  Two years ago, I remember getting my student tickets with "TBA" as one of the games, which ended up as NAIA Dallas Baptist.  Last Friday, the World-Herald published a tentative schedule, which showed the tentative game as Florida A&M.  If this schedule turns out to be correct, it would mean that Nebraska's road games at Arizona State and TCU, and the home game with Creighton, will be make-or-break for NU's NCAA hopes.

The big news over the weekend was that the NCAA had ruled on Christopher Niemann's eligibility.  The German big man, who played on a club team that included some paid players, will lose a year of eligibility, but will be able to play next season as a sophomore.  The Jorge Diaz situation is a little dicier: The NU Admissions office is questioning his English proficiency, apparently, since he's from Puerto Rico.  He needed to be admitted today to be in fall classes and play fall semester, but there has been no word on his status as of 7:00 PM today.  If he is unable to be admitted for the fall, it is possible he could still enroll in January for the spring semester (whether he would be available for Big XII games in that situation is unknown, since he would not be able to practice until he's enrolled).

Doc said to expect a five-guard lineup during the season, because he wants to get the five best players on the floor at any given time.  Of course, if Diaz is able to play, that will change, but expect to see a smaller team this season than last.

Edit: 11:00 AM, 9/3/08: The Journal-Star is reporting that Diaz is still in limbo, but if he is not admitted for the fall but is for the spring, he would be able to join the team December 19, which would give him plenty of prep time before the Big XII season.  Personally, I'm still not sure why an American citizen who speaks fluent English needs to take an English proficiency exam...