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Big 12 'Cob of the Week' - Inaugural Edition Goes to Texas A&M, Lamarr Houston

Welcome to Corn Nation's inaugural  "Big 12 Cob of the Week", a weekly award we'll be giving out to the worst performances in the Big 12 conference. Anything Big 12-related is eligible and you're encouraged to voice your selection in the comments section.

Husker Mike and Blankman both went with with a team for their cob of the week. They've chosen to give their cobs to Texas A&M for their loss to Arkansas State.

Husker Mike has this to say about the Texas A&M loss:

Arkansas State is one of the worst teams in 1-A; Sagarin's ratings put 19 1-AA teams ahead of the Red Wolves last season.  It was no fluke either; the Wolves racked up 424 yards of offense compared to the Aggies 301 yards.  The Aggies only had 3 first downs and 4 turnovers in the 2nd half. The Aggies started hot, moving the ball well on their first three drives, but sputtered from the midway point of the 2nd quarter.

This loss might rival Colorado's loss to Montana State in embarrassment.

What's interesting is that this doesn't seem to be getting the same amount of media play that Colorado got. Perhaps that's because the media doesn't have very high expectations for Mike Sherman, Texas A&M, or both.

Sherman took the heat for the loss...... somewhat, preferring to change the subject to climate change when asked:

“If you don't have that heat in August, you don't appreciate the other parts of the season,” Sherman offered as an analogy. “So we'll have some cool weather, but when that is exactly, I can't pinpoint.
“But I know for a fact that it will happen.”

Joe Kline was more elusive, although his dike and finger cliche may have also been an esoteric reference to climate change, but like Sherman's response had nothing to do with football:

“Sometimes it’s like that little Dutch boy trying to plug up the dike,” said A&M defensive coordinator Joe Kines. “You run out of fingers sometimes.”

Yes, sometimes you do run out of fingers. Perhaps the cobs will help you in that regard, especially since you'll be leading candidates for more of them.

In order to rebuild their confidence the Aggies will be scrimmaging this week against a sixth grade team from Bryant. The tactic may have backfired, however, as upon hearing the news that he will be listed as a two-striper and therefore unable to carry the ball, Javorskie Lane burst into tears (again).

Lamarr Houston, Texas Longhorns

I'm going with Texas defensive tackle Lamarr Houston who started against Florida Atlantic, had three tackles, but then later decided to go out, get drunk, get into an accident and get arrested, three of those being really stupid things to do when you live in a fishbowl. 

It might be understandable if you wanted to celebrate after a huge win, say, beating UTEP this coming week, but after a team like Florida Atlantic? Or perhaps you were celebrating that Texas A&M loss, eh?

Sadly this comes on the heels of repeated arrests by Texas players, with Mack Brown announcing a zero-tolerance policy after too many of his players had off-field problems over the summer. What's a coach to do? The incident has driven many of the Longhorn faithful into a frenzy of finger-pointing advocating firing... oh, wait. No it hasn't. It's lead to the same old "forgive him he's our nice guy, second chance" stuff.

Houston finds himself suspended and we may later discover that this is just an elaborate scheme to get out of going to El Paso which you can understand only if you've ever been to El Paso.

Lamarr Houston, you, sir, are a cob, at least for a week. After that, you'll probably be a star again.