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Nate Swift - Quietly Becoming One of the Greatest Receivers in Husker History

Nate Swift is one of the quietest and most successful receivers in Husker History. He entered this season in fourth-place in all-time receptions with 103. He was at number three in career receiving yardage at 1,535 and third in career 100 yard games.


Against Western Michigan, Swift finished with five receptions for 121 yards. That gave him another 100-yard game, moving him up to a tie with Irving Fryar at second with five. It's doubtful he'll catch Johnny Rodgers, but the year has only just begun and Swift has established himself as the go-to guy already this season.

All Time 100-Yard Games - Receiving
Year Position Years Total
1. Johnny Rodgers WB 1970-72 10
2. Irving Fryar WB 1981-83 5
2. Nate Swift WR 2005-present 5
4. Maurice Purify WR 2006-07 4
5. Tracey Wistrom TE 1998-2001 3

His two touchdown receptions against Western Michigan moved him into fourth on the All-Time touchdown reception list. At this rate, he should move into number two by the end of the season. He could pass Rodgers if he averages over one TD a game the rest of the season.

All Time Touchdown Receptions
Player Position Years TD
1. Johnny Rodgers WB 1970-72 25
2. Maurice Purify WR 2006-07 16
3. Jon Bostick SE 1989-91 15
4. Nate Swift WR 2005-present 14
4. Todd Millikan TE 1985-88 14
4. Bobby Thomas SE 1974-76 14

Swift is quickly moving up the all-time reception charts, as is running back Marlon Lucky. It's possible by the end of the season that both players could surpass Johnny Rodgers on the All-Time Reception list. He's certainly going to pass Nun as second in All-Time yardage.

All-Time Receptions
Player Position Years No. Yards Avg. TD
1. Johnny Rodgers WB 1970-72 143 2,479 17.3 25
2. Terrence Nunn WR 2004-07 136 1,762 12.9 11
3. Marlon Lucky IB 2005-present 111 1,123 10.1 4
4. Nate Swift WR 2005-present 108 1,656 15.3 14
5. Matt Davison SE 1997-2000 93 1,456 15.7 6

Neither Lucky nor Swft are big talkers, in fact, you rarely if ever seem them quoted in the press, but they're both getting it done on the field.

We'll keep you updated on Swift and Lucky throughout the season.