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2008 College Fooball Week Four Predictions: Still Too Many Unknowns

Here we are in the fourth week of college football season and there are still tons of teams about which we know nothing. Body bag scheduling has left us with big holes across the landscape.

It’s too bad because teams are going to enter conference play without having to prove themselves, so they’re being ranked on behalf of their name and past glory. Case in point is Florida State. They have played two I-AA teams, beating them soundly and yet they enter the game against Wake Forest ranked in both polls because everyone is guessing they’re good. All those athletes in Florida, the ‘Noles must have something, right?

The scheduling needs to be better. I’ll beat this drum until it improves across the nation.

There are some interesting games this week, but still not enough of them. Alabama vs Arkansas could be included here, but is there anyone who thinks Alabama isn’t going to smoke Bobby Petrino’s backside?


Florida @ Tennessee

Husker Mike: This game has all the makings of a beatdown. Rocky top is the only thing going for them...and revenge since they thought the G8rs RUTS them last year.
Husker Mike: FLA 42, TN 13

corn blight: The UCLA game showed that the Vols have major quarterback problems. I thought they could run the ball against the Bruins, but they struggled with that too. At home, but no cigar.
corn blight: Gators 38, Vols 17

Wake Forest @ Florida State

Husker Mike: FSU favored by 4 for some reason. Florida State is untested. OU scored more points against Chattanooga in one half than FSU did all game. Wake spanked Baylor week one to be sure, but since that night, Baylor doesn't seem like Baylor anymore.
Husker Mike: Wake 34, Free Shoes 27

corn blight: FSU has played no one, two I-AA’s and destroyed them, so we know nothing about them. Absolutely nothing. Wake has more experience and plays well on the road. They drop the ‘Noles from the rankings.
corn blight: Wake Forest 31, FSU 21

LSU @ Auburn - Tigers vs Tiggers

Husker Mike: I'm not sure how anybody could vote Auburn top 10 after winning 3-2. Auburn really missed Muschamp last week.
Husker Mike:
LSU 20, Auburn 12

corn blight: I don't either. but it was a win. Auburn has no offense, but they should be used to that by now. LSU has an offense. Not great, but better than Auburn’s defense. corn blight: LSU 17, Auburn 9

Iowa @ Pitt

corn blight: Pitt sucks. Iowa isn't great. That's what makes this game interesting. Pitt has never established an identity under Wannstache. At least Iowa has established themselves as champion of Iowa.
corn blight: Iowa 21, Pitt 13

Husker Mike: This is what I used to call a Thermonuclear War game. If someone blew up the stadium, I wouldn't exactly miss either team.
Husker Mike: Squawkeyes 24, Mediocrity 17

Geowgah @ Arizona State

corn blight: AZ State, no offensive line. Rudy Carpenter runs for his life again. Georgia should win this easily, but I think the Bulldogs will be uncomfortable in the desert. We find out if Georgia can establish consistency, which is what they need to be a contedah.
corn blight: Georgia 34, Arizona State 28

Husker Mike: Woowweee. You’re showing respect for the PAC 10. Unfortunately, Georgia needs some style points.
Husker Mike: Uga 34, Sparky 13

Miami ‘Canes @ Texas A&M

corn blight: A&M is lost. Miami is lost. Flip a coin.
corn blight: Miami 28, Aggies 13

Husker Mike: Miami got throttled by Florida, and that game wasn't that bad of a blowout, whereas A&M hasn't played jack. Lost to a 1-AA and squeaked by nobody. Aggies have quarterback issues as well.
Husker Mike: Canes 31, Aggies 7

Virginia Tech @ North Carolina

corn blight: NC smashed Rutgers. VT has been mostly mediocre on offenseand they’re trying to get Tyrod more involved. NC wins this, even with Tyrod Va Tech can't throw the ball worth a damn. Their defensive line is inconsistent, so the Tar Heels should be able to run the ball well. The unknown for Tech is how Macho Harris does.
corn blight: NC 28, VT 21 I hope I’m wrong about this one.

Husker Mike: Not sure how much of a difference Tyrod makes, but he's at least more dynamic than Glennon. VT's got a hell of a schedule. @ ECU @ NC @ NU
Husker Mike: NC 35 VT 17

Iowa State @ UNLV

corn blight: ISU is a better team than we think. Their quarterback Arnaud is going to be very good, their offensive line is good, but their coaches are clueless. It’s on the road, though, and the Cyclones suck on the road. I wouldn’t put money on this game. Big 12 homerism again.
corn blight: ISU 24, UNLV 14

Husker Mike: UNLV got their upset last week.
Husker Mike: ISU 20, UNLV 17

Rice @ Texas

Husker Mike: This would be much more interesting in the spring.
Husker Mike: Bovines 49, Owls 24 

corn blight: Rice always has good pitching. I don’t know why they bother with playing Texas in football. Exposure? Fund the baseball program?
corn blight: Texas 56, Rice 21

Buffalo @ Missouri

Husker Mike: Turner Gill in Mizery. Mizery will RUTS against a former Husker. A bye up before they come to Lincoln.
Husker Mike: Mizery 73, Fighting Turners 34

corn blight: Buffalo tries hard, gets smashed by Mizzou's offense like everyone else has been.
corn blight: Mizzou 62, Buffalo 24 

Baylor @ UConn

corn blight: This one is kind of interesting.That Robert Griffin kid is another great Big 12 quarterback in the making. I’m a Big 12 homer so...
corn blight: Baylor 41, UConn 38

Husker Mike: I was shocked by what Baylor did last week. UConn has beat Hofstra 35-3 - Beat Temple 12-9 :-\ - and whacked Virginny 45-10. 1 good game, 1 bad game, 1 creampuff. Compare to Baylor. 1 creampuff, 1 loss to a pretty good Wake squad, and blasted Wash State.
Husker Mike: @Uconn, so I'll take UConn 31, Baylor 28