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Corn Flakes Goes Around the Big 12

The conference season is coming up, sooner than you think. It’s past time to start paying attention to our Big 12 opponents. That not only means news, but it means letting you know where you can find the best Big 12 resources about other teams besides Nebraska.


Mizzou guys Rock M Nation go beyond the box score with a gob of statistics and conclude that Nebraska ain't doin' so bad.

According to ESPN’s Tim Griffin, West Virginia players are using some kind of fancy, enclosed closet that includes the word hypoxic to get used to the high altitude in Boulder. That’s great, fine in fact. Has anyone told them about the rest of Boulder?

Don’t know if you got the chance to watch it last night, but whoooeeee.… the Kansas State Wildcats were rough. They were all over the field, unfortunately everywhere they weren’t supposed to be. Josh Freeman looked good early, the threw two picks and the game away for good. They’re in for a long season.

How good is quarterback play in the Big 12? So good that Baylor’s quarterback Robert Griffin is getting noticed by the Heisman Pundit. The guy is phenomenal. Whether the Bears can surround him with talent, that’s another question.

Peter Bean over at Burnt Orange Nation has the Big 12 by Numbers, detailing the incredible statistics already put up by Big 12 offenses. Shocking numbers, the kind you see when in compensation packages when CEO’s get fired or when they’re weighing people in Louisiana. Big 12 defenses don’t have much of a chance against these teams.

News you’ve been waiting to hear, the Big 12 is now the best conference in the country, at least to the guys at Barking Carnival.

Let’s hold on to that thought for a moment. While Peter  doesn’t get into this kind of stuff, I embrace the chest-thumping, why not? SEC fans take for granted that their conference is better than anyone else’s. Everyone else is just supposed to accept it without argument. Well, SEC dudes, could it be that you’re second best for a year?

Unfortunately, there’s no head to head play on which to base claims so we have just as much an argument as all y’all. We’ll find out at the end of the year.

Oklahoma loses defensive lineman DeMarcus Granger for the year after he was triple-teamed and punched by three Washington players. Tim Griffin says Granger "shoved" Washington’s guard on the previous play. That’s like saying Ali and Frazier shoved each other around a ring years ago. He blasted the center after the ball had been snapped and the whistle blew. Any offensive unit worth it’s salt isn’t going to take that happening to their center. Unfortunate that Granger was injured, but sympathy? No. This is football. You don’t like it when that happens, don’t be the first offender because that shit will come back at you.

Hey, there’s a new Texas A&M blog out there, "I Am The 12th Man", headed up by Beergut. I think we’ll get into some arguments with Beergut, because, well, why not? Who else better to argue with than a guy that calls himself Beergut? That and he knows offense very very well.