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Worst of the Big 12 - The Big 12 Cob of the Week

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Husker Mike:

I thought briefly about Todd Reesing for throwing that pick, but really, he had a decent game overall. I almost gave it to Hurricane Ike for forcing so many schedule changes.

But I'll give it to the Oklahoma Sooners. Between the pre-game fracas in the tunnel before demolishing the hapless Washington Huskies and four personal fouls in the game, the Sooners lost their cool on Saturday. An impressive performance on the field, but stay classy, Sooners.

Corn Blight:

Stay classy, Sooners? I realize there’s some romanticism about missing the Cornhusker-Sooner rivalry that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy for Oklahomans,
but this is Oklahoma we’re talking about. This is the same program that gave us Rhett Bhomar, vacated victories, and Barry Switzer’s resignation because of too many NCAA violations. They’d have to get classy in order to stay classy, know what I’m saying?

Oklahoma taking out their manliness on Washington makes no sense to me. What’s the point of trying to stop them from coming out of the tunnel? You know you're going to kick their ass so you purposefully incite them before the game? Maybe in the off-week you can go fight some blind children, increase your self-esteem.

After all that, my vote for this week’s Cob of the Week goes to Iowa State’s coaches. I wrote earlier about Iowa State’s problems in the red zone, i.e., the plays being called so late as to generate delay of game penalties and taking needless timeouts. Safe to say it cost them the game against Iowa, which is a shame because we could have used that Big 12 victory over the Big 10 to solidify the case that the Big 12 is a better overall conference than the SEC this year.

Maybe there’s something cursed around Ames that says the Cyclones will always suck at third and short because it’s been a problem for them for a long time. Ask any Cyclone fan about Barney Cotton and third and short and you’re likely to get a long list of profanities spewed in your face.

Iowa State gets a cob because their coaches miscues caused a loss. To a rival.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Oklahoma, still needlessly thuggish, Iowa State, still needlessly hapless.